When the bladder rebels know diseases symptoms and causes 1

Bladder diseasePain when urinating, a burning sensation or even the uncontrolled loss of urine – diseases of the bladder there are many. To get them quickly back under control, you should not only know the symptoms. Likewise, the right approach is needed to combat the disease at the first signs. In the following we would like to clarify, which bladder illnesses frequently occur.

When the bladder rebels diseases know symptoms and causes 1

Bladder inflammation – it does not always burn when urinating

Most women develop cystitis in the course of their lives. It is characterized by the typical burning pain during urination as well as abdominal pain. Mostly this disease is triggered, if intestinal bacteria enter the urethra. Here they can cause inflammation, which triggers the described symptoms. To quickly get the bladder disease under control, you need a few tips and tricks. Under Tena.de awaits you a clear. Well-written article on the topic of cystitis.de awaits you with a clear and well-written article on the subject of "Bladder Inflammation. Here you will learn why it is advisable to drink a lot in case of cystitis and with which test possibilities, the inflammation can be reliably detected.

Make sure that Trigger of an inflammation not only intestinal bacteria can be. Likewise, hypothermia or too much hygiene has a negative effect on the intimate area. Many inexperienced women damage the vaginal environment by using too intensive care products such as shampoo or shower gels. they do not pay attention to an appropriate pH value of the shower foam. This leads not only to irritation, but also to damage to the protective vaginal environment.

What is a bladder prolapse?

Incontinence and urinary urgency often result from a lowering of the bladder. The pelvic floor gives way somewhat, so that the bladder sinks. As a result, there is a increased urge to urinate or the absence of the warning signal when you have to go to the toilet. Such a descent can occur after childbirth or be caused by a weakness of the connective tie. There are many treatment options, so that in most cases the prolapse can be remedied.

Bladder weakness – help for permanent problems

Bladder weakness is an ie that is associated with numerous disadvantages for those affected. In most cases, the symptoms are accompanied by shame, as urinary incontinence is perceived as unpleasant and disconcerting. But there are ways to recognize the disease as well as to treat it. Symptoms of bladder weakness are not always the uncontrolled emptying of the bladder. Likewise, prere in the abdominal cavity is felt during stress such as coughing or laughing. Lifting heavy objects can also strain the bladder muscles, causing urine to be emptied.

Worth knowing: What is an irritable bladder?? In addition to urinary incontinence, the symptoms described above are also often seen with an irritable bladder. Here it concerns Bladder dysfunction. Those affected experience a frequent violent urge to urinate. However, the bladder is usually not completely emptied, so that this feeling reappears in a short time. In most cases women are affected by this disease.

Pain in the ureters – bladder stones can be the cause

Bladder disease that prevents the bladder from emptying adequately needs to be treated. If this does not happen, it can lead to a formation of Bladder stones come. Urine that is not completely emptied remains in the urethra or bladder. Tiny deposits form, at first only small crystals, then clumps.

Over time, these accumulations become a stone-like structure. If the small stones cannot be emptied, as the bladder continues to be disturbed in its function, there is a rapid growth. In order to combat the stones, an operation usually has to be performed. Finally, in the worst case of an untreated bladder stone deposit, the following phenomenon occurs: The bladder stone detaches and is washed out of the bladder during urination. However, since it cannot push further through the bladder outlet, a bladder obstruction occurs.

Procedure for bladder disease

They suspect a bladder disease – for example, an infection? In order to act as quickly as possible, you should consult a doctor. Likewise, pharmacies offer rapid tests that can identify the Infection values of the bladder can accurately reflect. Thus, it is possible from home to detect an infection. In case of a positive result, contact the responsible doctor immediately. Make an appointment for control. The doctor can, in addition to the above-mentioned advice, help with medication to achieve a quick relief.

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