Whether this helps against the coronavirus.

A family doctor was reported to the chamber because of her recommendation for Arsenicum album C30 against the coronavirus. © Gerhard Seybert, dottedyeti – stock.adobe.com

Rising numbers of illnesses and deaths due to SARS-CoV-2 infections unsettle people, because there is neither medication against it nor vaccination protection against it. That's where looking at alternative healing methods comes in handy. Some offer is to be seen however critically.

According to a representative forsa survey, the percentage of people in Germany who use homeopathy remains high at 55. That means: About every second person has already had experiences with homeopathy resp. made with the use of homeopathic medicines. Extrapolated are about 30 million. adult homeopathy users.

The survey is from February 2020. Maybe it will be a little different in half a year's time, in view of the new economic crisis rolling over the country Coronavirus Wave. The fact that so far no antidote against the infection exists, tempts to look for alternatives, z.B. in homeopathy. However, if this option really existed, the German Homeopathy Union, the German Association of Homeopathic Physicians (DZVha), the Association of Classical Homeopaths of Germany or the Users' Alliance for the Preservation of Homeopathic Medicines would have become active long ago. But not a word about it on her web pages.

Homeopathic physicians advise each other to exercise restraint

The DZVha chairwoman Dr. Michaela Geiger emphasizes in a press release that also for homeopathic physicians the Recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute take precedence have been wary of homeopathic measures to stem the epidemic. Recommended to the members "restraint regarding any kind of homoeopathic precaution-. Therapy recommendations in connection with the Coronavirus".

The Austrian blog of the Foundation Gurutest (in "Der Standard") critically deals with the offers of shamans, pseudo-medicine, energetics, chemtrail detectors, water revitalizers and angel spray manufacturers. Christian Kreis, a copywriter and ethnologist, described the special offer of a pharmacy in Vienna in February Nosode against the coronavirus in order, it is said. Nosodes are made from the pathogens or excretions of infectious diseases and belong to classical homeopathy.

Sardonic comment: prefer to drink "Corona beer"

Whether this helps against the coronavirus? Probably hardly. But it brings money. Also a pharmacy in the Styrian. "There are enough in stock, a vial costs 17.90 euros. Take as a single dose, suck five globules and after ten minutes another five globules," Kreils reproduces the advertisement, which has since disappeared.

In another Viennese pharmacy, the manager, who calls herself a "sun witch," was reportedly, "informed vibration globules" have offered. A reader named Insomia Aeternam comments ironically: "Be sure to take the globules with water bottled at full moon, which has been turned first left and then right for three days beforehand. To be on the safe side, do it yourself in the bathtub, you don't know if the 'finished products' have really been handled properly."Afterwards one should cough as deeply as possible into a handkerchief and burn this ritually. For another commentator there is only one solution: "Corona beer". Available in stores, unless the "hamster" buyer stocks up on it (in the mistaken belief that it helps).

Even if in China according to media reports the Traditional Chinese Medicine to alleviate the symptoms when suffering from corona triggered Lung disease COVID-19 The World Health Organization advises the evaluation of the effects, but nothing has been scientifically proven so far. This also applies to homeopathy in this respect. "No use of homeopathic remedies against coronavirus," therefore, in light of the above reports, the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists also clarified. Such behavior is immediately reported to the disciplinary council brought to report, warns the legal department. Also in Germany homeopathy against Corona is seen critically, as a case from Remscheid shows.

The Internet platform MedWatch scans according to own statement the net after dangerous and dubious promises of healing. In the process, science journalists Hinnerk Feldwisch-Drentrup. Nicola Kuhrt came across a tip from Cornelia Bajic. The family doctor offers general medicine. psychotherapy and homeopathy. On Facebook, according to MedWatch, she had posted a recommendation from the Indian Ministry of Health on the Application of Arsenicum album spread in the case of illness. Apparently the doctor referred to the Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy, which is not the official Department of Health. In any case, the latter distanced itself from the information spread in the net also elsewhere, homeopathy helps against Corona.

Bajic was reported to the North Rhine Medical Association. The legal department is currently examining the case, confirms the deputy head of the legal department. Press spokeswomanSabine Schindler-Marlow. It explains that professional legal proceedings usually last one to two months. In addition it refers to applicable guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute regarding Corona.

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