Why alcohol gets to your kidneys alcohol know your limit

The kidneys perform a vital task. They cleanse the body of toxins and waste products. A human has about six liters of blood, the kidneys filter it about 300 times a day. So, through the two kidneys flow daily about 1.800 liters of blood.

On 11. The kidneys regulate the body's fluid balance. Are responsible for the formation of important hormones. If a kidney is damaged or fails, the consequences can be life-threatening. The World Kidney Day on 11. March 2021 wants to remind us to pay attention to the health of our kidneys.

Alcohol damages the kidneys

To prevent kidney problems, people should eat a healthy diet and drink enough fluids. As for alcohol, men should drink no more than two standard glasses a day, women no more than one standard glass of alcohol – that's z.B. A small glass of wine or beer – drink. Because if you consume too much alcohol, it can affect the health of the kidneys. Alcohol is a cytotoxin and the kidneys have to work hard to eliminate the toxins. Alcohol also leads to increased urine production, which explains the increased urge to urinate after drinking alcohol. As a result of fluid excretion, the body dries out and becomes dehydrated. The painful buzzing head after a night of drinking is nothing more than dehydration of the brain cells. If alcohol consumption is high or frequent, brain cells can be damaged or even die off.

Dehydration also plays a role in the development of alcohol addiction. That's because to cope with dehydration, the body secretes stress hormones, including the addictive endorphins. If you frequently drink too much alcohol, you put your body into a dehydrated permanent state with increased endorphin production, which can lead to addiction.

Drinking water without limit

On the occasion of World Kidney Day, we would therefore like to urge you to: drink alcohol only in quantities that are compatible with your health and always provide your body with sufficient fluids. This can be taken as water, juice spritzer or fruit teas. Especially older people, but also children and athletes must make sure that they drink enough. Two to three liters are recommended, but at least 0.75 liters a day. People with kidney, heart or liver disease should ask their doctor about the recommended amount of water to drink. For all others, the following applies: You cannot drink too much water.

By the way, risky alcohol consumption harms not only the kidneys, but all organs. You can learn more about it in the interactive body map.

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