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ReintegrationReintegration refers to measures that facilitate employees' return to work after a longer period of incapacity for work.

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Definition: What does reintegration mean??

At Reintegration Reintegration is the term used to describe measures that make it easier for employees to return to work after a longer period of incapacity Return to working life according to longer incapacity for work facilitate. A distinction is made between two types

Gradual reintegration, also known as the "Hamburg model"
The employee returns to his or her old job. In this process, the number of working hours is slowly increased again. This type of occupational reintegration is considered a medical measure for rehabilitation. Its legal basis is § 74 of the Fifth Social Security Code. For disabled employees, § 28 of the Ninth Social Code is also important. Operational integration management, or BEM for short Within the framework of BEM, the employer and employee analyze how the employee's health can best be ensured at the workplace. Assistance measures, health-promoting offers and qualification opportunities can be offered within the framework of company integration management. The prerequisite for a BEM is that the employee was incapacitated for work for more than six weeks in one year due to the same illness.

What are the requirements for gradual reintegration?

In order for a gradual integration according to the Hamburg Model to be possible, several Conditions be fulfilled:

– Employee is statutory health insurance
– Employee has Entitlement to sick pay
– the employee agrees – the employee returns to work on his or her old workplace back – the attending physician provides a Reintegration plan to

Employers are not obligated to offer reintegration according to the Hamburg model. Employees are only entitled to reintegration after illness with the help of occupational integration management. According to a ruling of the Hamm Regional Labor Court, however, a phased reintegration recommended by a doctor is one of the measures of company reintegration management and can therefore not be rejected by the employer.

Reintegration in practice

Even though the purpose of phased reintegration is often undisputed, questions and uncertainties arise again and again in practice. Often, suitable solutions can only be found if all parties work closely together and there is good contact between employer and employee.

How does reintegration work?

If the employee who is unable to work agrees to gradual reintegration, he or she then works out a plan together with the doctor treating him or her Reintegration plan. This contains the following information:

– Initial Number of working hours and their Increase
– Sequence and duration of individual stages of the integration – Existing Restrictions in the ability to work – information about required aids at work

After all parties involved have agreed to the reintegration plan in writing, it is approved by the Health insurance approved. The measures set out in the plan are binding. However, after consultation with the doctor, the measure can also be interrupted or shortened.

Who decides on the reintegration?

The initiative for a phased integration usually comes from the sick employee from. The employee's attention is drawn to this possibility by treating physicians or the health insurance company. If the reintegration plan drawn up by the doctor and patient is available, both the health insurance company as well as the Employer Agree to this before the measure can begin.

Who determines the working hours in the reintegration process?

The attending physician specifies in the graduated plan for reintegration only the number of working hours firmly. In addition, the working hours can still be determined by the employer. However, since the employee is officially incapacitated for work during the phased reintegration Working hours not recorded electronically are.

How long does a reintegration take?

Depending on the progress of the employee's recovery, the reintegration can be last from a few weeks up to six months last. In most cases, a reintegration plan is transferred to the employee four to eight weeks, in which the working time is then slowly increased.

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