Winter air and corona mask attack the skin

Winter air and Corona mask attack the skinCold and icy wind outside, dry heating air inside. In addition, the frequent wearing of a mouth-nose mask stresses the facial skin: Due to the humid climate under the mask, skin impurities develop more quickly and small pimples sprout. Pharmacist Dr. Volker Schmitt, press speaker of the pharmacists in Bavaria, calls the most important Tipps to the skin care in times of Corona.

Cold air contains little humidity: That sets the sensitive face skin, together with the carrying of a mouth nose covering, completely beautifully to. © Ridofranz/iStockphoto

Basically, the skin needs rich care now. Schmitt: "Emulsions with a high lipid content are particularly lipid-replenishing and at the same time retain moisture. Products with urea, also known as urea, have proven their worth. Bind water in the skin. Increase their moisture content. If you want to take particularly intensive care of your facial skin, you can apply a facial mask. Active ingredients such as witch hazel and aloe vera have a refreshing, slightly cooling effect and provide moisture."

Change the mask regularly and give special care to problem skin

There is even a new word in English for acne problems caused by mouth and nose protection: "maskne is the abbreviated but unambiguous statement. People with acne need to take extra care of their skin now. "Acute inflammations can be combated with a disinfecting facial tonic," says the pharmacist and advises changing the mouth-nose protection several times a day: "Under the mask, there is an optimal environment for bacteria and inflammations can thus be additionally intensified by wearing the same mask for a long time."

Correct lip care

The lips become likewise fast cracked and brittle under the mask. "The skin of the lips is particularly thin and very sensitive. It has neither sebaceous nor sweat glands and therefore dries out quickly," explains Schmitt. He recommends applying cream to the lips regularly. Lip care with beeswax, shea butter and oils of jojoba, almond or avocado are suitable for this purpose. If cracks or inflammations have already developed, ointments with dexpanthenol can help. In addition to proper care, the pharmacist has other tips for a beautiful. Healthy skin in winter: "To provide the skin with optimal moisture you should ventilate the rooms regularly or set up a humidifier. This increases the air humidity and contributes to a more skin-friendly climate in the home."In addition, the internal fluid intake also helps: "Especially in winter, it is important that we drink enough so that the skin remains supple. Drink 1.5 liters of water or fruit tea and make sure you eat a diet rich in vitamins, even in winter, for your skin's sake," says Dr. Volker Schmitt, spokesman for the press. Volker Schmitt.

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