Wlan protect the healthy living mini router baufritz

Innovation Baufritz-WLAN-ProtectConventional routers cause a sometimes serious intensity of electromagnetic fields due to the permanent, invisible, radio wave exposure in living rooms – and this also in rooms where the occupants want to physically regenerate overnight. Affected by the broad radio radiation are also children's rooms, in sog. "Transit rooms". That can reduce the physical. Affect the mental development of your children. And adults are equally exposed to the considerable strain on their physical health.

WLAN, Wireless LAN, with all the advantages of comfort and networking, has long been part of our digital world. Therefore, our premise in the Baufritz House is to handle the Internet via wireless connection in a moderate manner.

Wlan protect the healthy living mini router baufritz

Targeted WLAN as needed

WLAN-Protect, developed by Baufritz, is considered to be the only technology product worldwide that combines the advantages of WLAN with real health protection.

Conventional WLAN routers are usually functionally designed to provide a sufficiently high transmission power to ensure a data traffic signal in all areas of the house, including nearby outdoor areas. A regular router therefore generates tens of thousands of μW/m² in its immediate environment. In order to be able to classify these enormous values better, a comparison parameter helps: Researchers and building biologists recommend a maximum value of 10 μW/m² for sleeping and resting places – in other words: a good thousandth of the value that is often measured in bedrooms and children's rooms as well.

Security without compromising comfort

The primary technology approach of the new Baufritz WLAN Protect was to preserve all digital comfort and wireless communication – but through a decentralized and radiation-reduced WLAN infrastructure, with the lowest possible radiation exposure and without minimizing the transmission power. How Baufritz achieves this? By specifically equipping rooms with Baufritz WLAN Protect. It is simply operated at a power outlet in the respective room and connected to the network via a connecting cable. Compared to the conventional variant this means: The central WLAN function of the router is not active. All rooms in the house are connected by cable. Thus radiation-free achieved with CAT7 network. Each room is equipped with a Baufritz WLAN Protect unit on request. Thanks to the highly efficient transmission power and adjustable radio intensity of less than one percent compared to a conventional router, each room can be individually supplied with wireless WLAN at a high data rate without passively burdening adjacent rest rooms and bedrooms.

In order to remain flexible in the long term, we have opted for a simple plug& We opted for a wireless wireless LAN play solution that is not permanently installed in rooms, but can be easily operated from a combined power socket (or network socket). Each Baufritz-WLAN-Protect unit can be switched on and off via a slide switch for targeted use within a period of need. In addition, the WLAN-Protect room routers have two network connection sockets for the wired. Thus radiation-free operation of permanently operated devices such as computers or printers – even when the WLAN unit is switched off.

Your house: a healthy retreat

Attentive doctors and environmental physicians advise a drastic reduction of radiation exposure, especially with regard to the sleeping and resting areas in the house, so that the sleeping person can regenerate overnight in the best possible way and produce vital hormones such as melatonin sufficiently. All regeneration processes, as they largely take place in the deep sleep phases, can be massively negatively influenced by electromagnetic radiation. This is why the specially developed Baufritz WLAN Protect innovation is an essential element of our health concept and appeals in particular to people who do not want to do without technical comfort, but are looking for a consciously low-radiation and controllable alternative to conventional WLAN. This way you can protect children, animals or electrosensitive persons in the family environment.

In addition, Baufritz houses are already shielded against high-frequency influences from outside as a standard feature. As an eco-house manufacturer, we thus ensure an excellent initial situation with low high-frequency levels in the living environment with the shielded building envelope and WLAN Protect technology.

Tests by the renowned IMST Institute have proven that no unwanted radio reflections occur when indoor cordless technology is operated in a shielded Baufritz house. The difference between the Baufritz system and conventional, unshielded wall constructions is less than 0.1 %, which disproves the statements of critics and manufacturers of conventional systems.

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