Wolf garten four new hedge trimmers

WOLF-Garten starts the gardening season with four new manual hedge trimmers. Image: Wolf Garden.

They serve as natural sight and wind protection, separating elements between garden areas or border planting for more privacy – hedges are an important part of garden design and require appropriate care. Whether topiary in spring and summer, maintenance pruning in autumn or necessary rejuvenation pruning in winter, almost every hedge should be cut back at least once a year. Regular pruning ensures that plants grow healthily and vigorously over the long term, and encourages the branches to grow wider with new shoots. How to grow hedges particularly dense.

For smaller hedges, it does not always have to be an electric or gasoline-powered model: Here, a manual hedge trimmer is perfectly sufficient to bring or keep the hedge in shape.

All hedge owners and friends of manual hedge trimmers can be particularly pleased this year, because WOLF-Garten is starting the gardening season with no less than four new models: Thanks to different blade lengths of 17-21 cm, the models are suitable both for larger hedges (HSWP, HS-CP and HS-WW) and for clean topiary cuts z. B. small boxwoods – as in the case of the HS-BW with its maneuverable short blades.

High-quality blades – for maximum precision and durability

All new models feature individually adjustable blade pre-tension and offer the best cutting results: The curved, double-ground blades enable precise clean cuts that heal particularly quickly and are gentle on the plants. The serrated edge guarantees that the cut material cannot slip out of the blade. All models are also equipped with a non-stick coating that prevents plant sap from sticking to the blade. The blade thus remains permanently smooth-running and is resistant to the adhesion of germs and bacteria, reducing the risk of disease transmission

Integrated branch cutter – for extra power

Three of the new models (HS-WP, HS-CP and HS-WW) also have an integrated branch cutter: practical when a somewhat sturdier branch needs to be removed from the hedge. No problem thanks to branch cutter – for all-round perfect cutting results without having to change the tool.

Ergonomic handle – for safety and working comfort

The handles of the new hedge trimmers are made of wood resp. Two-component manufactured: The wooden handles of the HS-WW as well as the HS-BW come from sustainable cultivation (FSC® certified), the two-component handles of the HS-WP and HS-CP are made of aluminum and plastic. All handles are non-slip, allowing you to work safely at all times, even in damp conditions. The ergonomic shape prevents the formation of prere marks and blisters even during prolonged work. For additional working comfort, all models have shock-absorbing bumpers. These are easy on the joints and make for a particularly energy-saving work effort.

Environmentally friendly, low maintenance and inexpensive

Manual hedge trimmers offer numerous advantages: Thanks to their low noise level, they can be used at almost any time of day or night without the neighbors complaining. The operation is very environmentally friendly, since no energy is required (except for the use of one's own body). The devices themselves consist of few components. Are correspondingly low maintenance. Except for an occasional re-sharpening of the blades. A few drops of oil do not require any work at all. At the same time, the space required for storage is small. The acquisition at comparatively low cost.

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