Would now like to get started.

You have the school leaving certificate in your pocket. Would now like to get started? Are you interested in a profession in the health care industry? At Kieser Training, you can complete an apprenticeship as a sports and fitness specialist or, in cooperation with the German University of Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG), a dual bachelor's degree program with a recognized academic qualification.

Strong arguments for Kieser Training

Combine your studies with practical work on the training floor.

Expect a recognized apprenticeship with interesting training seminars.

Get to know different areas such as team leadership, marketing or sales.

Sports and Fitness Management Assistant

Sports and fitness merchant is a recognized training occupation under the Vocational Training Act (BBiG). You will take on administrative or. Organizational tasks. Developing concepts for sports programs. Also advise. Look after customers. The training period is 3 years.

Would now like to hit the ground running

A central task: specialist customer advice.

Dual bachelor's degree

The dual bachelor's degree program offers you the opportunity to combine theory and practice. We offer the following degree programs in cooperation with the DHfPG:

– Bachelor of Arts in Fitness Economics – Bachelor of Arts in Health Management – Bachelor of Arts in Sports Economics

The dual Bachelor's program at the DHfPG differs fundamentally from a classic university course in sports science. It combines an education or. Be employed by Kieser Training with a science-oriented distance learning program and compact attendance phases at one of the nationwide study centers in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. The students are permanently employed in the company as trainees. Receive remuneration based on an apprentice's salary. Accompanying the in-company training, they complete a science-based distance learning course with classroom sessions. The extra-occupational study system lets students. Companies benefit equally. The duration of study for Bachelor's degree programs is 3.5 years.

What you learn in theory, you put into practice on the training floor.

Master of Arts degree

Want to qualify as an expert in the industry with a master's degree program? Following a successfully completed bachelor's or diploma degree, you can continue your studies directly at the German University of Applied Sciences.

– Master of Arts Prevention and Health Management – Master of Arts Sports Economics

Both courses deepen and broaden the skills acquired in the bachelor's/diploma program. You will be qualified as industry experts who can apply current research findings to practical problems and thus find and evaluate interdisciplinary solutions for the company. The Master of Arts program consists of distance learning with compact attendance phases. The duration of study for the Master of Arts degree is 2 years.

Become an expert in the sports industry.

Job offers

Do you feel like representing the Kieser Training brand and helping people achieve their goals? Then join our team!

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