Anyone who has been out walking in nature in the past few days may have noticed how many forest owners are out in the open. They say, limb and load what the stuff holds. One of them is stefan leykam (48) from feulersdorf. He explains: "now the weather is good, now you do not make damage." During the wet, mild winter, the ground had been too soft to drive on with tractor or skidder.

There are other reasons why people are working so hard in the forest at the moment. "In the forest I am in the fresh air. I don’t come into contact with anyone there", says forest owner roland kauper (59) from wonsees. Normally he works as a freelance accident assessor. Until three weeks ago, he was on the road almost every day, but since the exit restriction, he has only been sitting at his desk from time to time. "I spend most of the rest of the time working in the forest", according to kauper.

Borkenkafer flies again soon

Forest owners "are allowed" to now they are not only "allowed" to go into the forest, they "should" even. In a press release dated 1. On april, forestry minister michaela kaniber made it clear: "to minimize future damage from the bark beetle, bavarian forest owners should ensure that freshly damaged spruce trees, such as those caused by storm sabine in february, are quickly cleaned up." Even when working in the forest, it is important to observe the necessary rules of infection control and to keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from others. For safety reasons, however, at least two people must be on the ground and have visual contact when working with the motorsage.

France's data protection authority: green light for warning app

The most important recommendations of the CNIL were implemented – for example, the corona-warn app uses anonymized data, does not create a list of people and is voluntary. The app is supposed to use bluetooth signals to detect which smartphones have come close to each other – and warn users if it later turns out they were next to infected people.

There have been repeated data protection concerns about the app in france – also from the camp of france’s president emmanuel macron. "The CNIL believes that the app can be used legally (…) and that it allows a faster alert in case of contact with an infected person, including unknown contacts," the agency said. Parliament to debate the project on wednesday.

The secretary of state for digital affairs, cedric O, explained that the app could possibly be available as early as next weekend, if parliament approves it. "It’s the right time, because the french are more and more interested in going out and having a social life again," O told the newspaper "le figaro". The CNIL has made other recommendations for the app, including improving the information provided to users, such as the terms of use. Free access to the entire source code of the app was also recommended.

Number of corona deaths in brazil rises to over 100.000

The number of deaths from the coronavirus in brazil has risen to more than 100.000 increased. Latin america’s largest and most populous country passed that mark in official statistics released by the ministry of health on saturday.

Compared to the previous day, 905 deaths were reported, bringing the total number of deaths since the outbreak of the pandemic to 100.477 rose. There were also 49.970 new infections added – since the first confirmed case in brazil at the end of february, according to 3.012.412 people proven to be infected with the pathogen sars-cov-2.

Brazil’s president jair bolsonaro has long been criticized for his lax handling of the pandemic. He repeatedly referred to the lung disease covid-19 as "mild flu" and resisted protective measures. "Bolsonaro knows that the economic crisis will become extreme, especially in latin america, that many governments will not survive it," german-brazilian political scientist oliver stuenkel of the fundacao getulio vargas in sao paulo tells the german press agency. "He needed a guilty."These are the governors to whom the supreme court has delegated authority.