Peripheral arterial occlusive disease (pAVD): symptoms and treatmentPeripheral arterial occlusive disease, or pAVD for short, is a potential secondary disease of arteriosclerosis (atherosclerosis). Only in very rare cases is it due to other causes. Characteristic of pAVK is impaired blood flow to the legs, sometimes blood flow to the arms is also impaired. 1 The reason for this is the formation of deposits (plaques) in the arteries of the legs, also known as vascular calcification. There is therefore a disturbance of the oxygen-supplying blood flow. Is therefore to be distinguished from a venous insufficiency. 2

Affected persons do not even notice the chronic disease at first, as it is symptom-free in the first stage. 3 If left untreated, pAVD progresses and, in advanced stages, can lead to tie death, making early treatment extremely important. Find out about symptoms and treatment options and learn what is behind the term "patellar artery disease. 4

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What is pAVK?

pAVK occurs due to circulatory disturbances (occlusion or constriction) in the arteries. These are blood vessels that transport oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood around the body.
Blood clots blocking blood flow in the vessels can lead to a life-threatening situation – Doctors speak of an arterial occlusion. Blood flow is impaired, making it harder for some ties and organs to receive oxygen and nutrients. If the affected body tie can still tolerate this condition, only mild discomfort can be felt. 5 However, when the deposits (called plaques) increase, symptoms become more severe. 6

Your child is sick: a holistic viewHealth is not a static condition, but a lifelong learning process involving body, mind and spirit. With such a holistic view, diseases take on a meaning and you, as parents, a special role for your sick child: your observation and attention are as important a part of the treatment as medicines and therapeutic applications.

What you cook for your child, how you dress him or her, or how you shape his or her environment – these factors lay foundations in healthy times and continue to have an effect in phases of illness. A holistic understanding also includes the fact that anthroposophical and conventional medicines complement each other with a common goal: to accompany the child through an illness without endangering it and without depriving it of the chance to grow from it.

Sometimes illnesses exceed your child's strength. In case of doubt you should consult a doctor. This is especially true for sick infants, but also in situations where you feel insecure as parents.

Personality ModelThe Psychological Numerology according to Dr. Mazza ® offers the key to capturing and clarifying the different personality levels of a person and their multiple personality traits. Various parts of our personality are located on the different levels, which contain aspects of our biography, our emotional injuries, thinking and behavior patterns. This diversity of the human psyche is identified by means of the individually determined numbers of Psychological Numerology according to Dr. Mazza ® illuminates.

Psychological numerology as a mirror of a person's personality

In the psychological numerology according to Dr. Mazza ® the multi-layered Personality model by Carl Gustav Jung used as an orientation for the production of the personality analysis, as its model takes into account the unconscious processes and the unconscious part of a person's personality.

The psychological numerology according to Dr. Mazza ® combines in an effective and successful combination the psychological aspects that make up the personality structure of a person with sound numerological knowledge.

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)Systemic lupus erythematosus, or SLE for short, is an
Autoimmune disease. In some cases, SLE is limited to affecting the skin, but more often it also affects internal organs. Probably an interaction of different factors triggers systemic lupus erythematosus.

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Systemic lupus erythematosus cases in Germany

5.448 cases in 2019
5.569 cases in 2022 ( prognosis )

Heartburn: Reflux diseasePlease highlight the appropriate words in the text. With only two clicks you report the error to the editorial office.

Reflux means backflow. This happens when the valve between the esophagus and the entrance to the stomach does not close properly. After a rich meal belching is normal. If it occurs more frequently, it is called reflux disease.

Reflux means reflux. Stomach contents can run back into the esophagus.
Causes may include stress, smoking, pregnancy, obesity, or a diaphragmatic hernia.
A change in lifestyle is often enough to help relieve symptoms.

Healthy weight loss: A question of nutritionDiet pills, zero diet, liposuction – when it comes to losing weight, some people come up with crass ideas. Really sustainably lose weight but only a few (keyword yoyo effect). problem: Radical ways to lose weight usually do not change unhealthy eating and daily habits in the long run.

And you? Do you also get too much with all the radical diets? Bring nevertheless anyway nix and the weight is after the Diat usually just as fast again drauf, as it was down. If you are more for healthy weight loss, we are fully behind you! The weight loss may then be a little slower, but it also remains a permanent guest. Keeping an eye on kilos. Much more we have recorded for you.

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Your basics on losing weight

One can imagine the fat reserves like a savings book. Instead of money, we count on energy that the body takes in through food and, when there is a surplus, converts it into fat to store for a rainy day. If you take in a lot of energy but consume little of it, the reserves will grow. With money this is good, with fat rather not. So you have to turn the math around: If the reserves are to become smaller, one must over a longer period of time always consume a little more than one takes in. The Magic formula, The energy source we have all been looking for for so long does exist:

Start of the bathing season With sunscreen and a warm shower: bathing is funThere are still a few weeks to go before summer begins. However, the outdoor swimming pool season starts now -. Although without the Corona restrictions of previous years. Tips for the early jump into the cold water.

Medicine : Study: Do antibiotics reduce the effectiveness of vaccinations in children??

Antibiotics have helped countless sick children. Now there is evidence of another side effect of the medication. However, it remains to be seen how significant this is.

Pediatrician recommends: Measure blood prere regularly for children who are overweight

If children and teenagers are overweight, their parents should give them special support. This includes, for example, looking for offers of help, but keep an eye on the blood prere.

Stomach prere often occurs in conjunction with other symptoms such as abdominal pain, indigestion or nausea. (Image: staras/

Feeling of prere in the stomach can have many reasons

Numerous diseases can cause considerable gastric prere, which is often accompanied by stomach or abdominal pain and other complaints of the gastrointestinal tract. Not infrequently, prere in the stomach is a concomitant symptom of a quite serious disease, which is why a medical examination should be urgently carried out, especially in the case of persistent or recurring complaints.


Gastric prere describes a sensation of prere in the area of the stomach, which can occur painlessly or in conjunction with severe pain. Since the localization of the prere sensation is often relatively difficult for those affected, corresponding complaints that do not directly affect the stomach area are also often described with the term gastric prere. For example, stomach prere is often equated with a feeling of prere in the abdomen (the area of the trunk between the rib cage and the pelvis), although this is not entirely correct anatomically.

Vaginal fungus: fungal infection of the vaginaIt burns, itches and an increased discharge sets in: In the case of vaginal fungus, a yeast fungus in the vagina usually triggers unpleasant symptoms. Women are more susceptible to the fungal infection in certain phases of life, such as pregnancy or menopause. In addition, vaginal fungus can develop after taking certain medications such as antibiotics. Treatment usually works well with the right measures. Learn more here.

What you want to know?

What is vaginal fungus?

75 out of 100 women have vaginal thrush at least once in their lifetime. 1 Women of childbearing age are most frequently affected. 2 Background for the infection is a weakened vaginal flora. As a result, the number of lactic acid bacteria (lactobacilli) is too low. However, the microorganisms are necessary to keep the pH of the vaginal flora acidic, protecting it from the spread of pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

Irritated eyes in dogsIn some dogs, drafts or dust quickly cause irritated and watery eyes. However, eye discharge in dogs can be triggered by more than just mechanical irritation. The causes can be many-sided. Vary in severity. Some breed-related head shapes can also cause the dog to be prone to irritated eyes, as short-nosed dogs, for example, are often prone to irritated eyes. Maintaining a positive bacterial flora can reduce the risk of inflammation.

Occurring symptoms with irritated dog eyes

Guide irritated eyes in dogs vtg animal health

Eye discharge in dogs is a symptom of over irritation of the eye or eye disease. The secretion can be clear and watery, but also mucous white to yellowish-purulent.