Heart disease refers to changes in the heart muscle, heart valves and other structural changes that lead to a reduction in cardiac output. In the senior age every tenth dog is affected. Every twenty-fifth cat.

The heart is a pump consisting of four chambers. A right and a left collect blood before the tricuspid or mitral valve opens to allow blood to enter the heart chambers. Please have a look at our heart diagram below this paragraph. If you move the mouse pointer over the illustration, the labels of the sections appear. The right blue side of the heart contains venous, oxygen-depleted blood. From the main chamber, the blood goes to the lungs to be enriched with oxygen. The left area of the heart, shown in red, contains oxygen-rich blood from the lungs, which is expelled into the body through the left main chamber via the to supply nutrients and oxygen to the organs. The heart may beat independently with its own rhythm, or be controlled by the vagus nerve.

Schematic diagram of the heart:

How yoga and meditation improve your health if you suffer from asthmaMany athletes are familiar with the problem of exercise-induced asthma: just when they want to step on the gas one more time and kick the ball into the goal or overtake it while cycling, coughing sets in and they lose their breath. Apart from the classical therapy with medication, there are some gentle methods that help asthmatics to cope optimally with periods of stress. This includes yoga for improved breathing. Meditation for better handling of trigger stress. Here you will find a short introduction to each.

Yoga as an adjunct to classical asthma therapy

In a 2016 meta-study, U.S. researchers evaluated 15 studies for how a yoga practice affects asthma – and found that yoga alone leads to only slight improvement. However, many people report that their well-being is enhanced by a regular yoga practice. Posture also becomes more upright and the muscles of the chest are exercised, leading to better breathing. Yoga has a gentle and rather indirect effect, which is well suited as a complement to classical asthma therapy.

A yoga breathing exercise to try

Basically, people with asthma should have their emergency inhaler nearby when doing yoga and move gently. Breathing exercises provide an easy way to get started and help make breathing more effective. Breathing with pursed lips is one of these techniques:

Although the atmosphere acts as a huge protective shield, the further we move away from the Earth's surface, the more energetic particles from space hit our bodies and can cause serious damage there. Especially for astronauts this becomes a problem.

On Earth as well as in space, we are exposed to cosmic radiation at all times. High-energy particles with energies of a few megaelectronvolts up to 10 20 electronvolts hit the earth. For comparison: The largest particle accelerator to date, the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN research center near Geneva, accelerates the particles to just a few 10 12 electron volts. This energy is roughly equivalent to the kinetic energy of a flying mosquito – albeit concentrated to the size of a proton – while the energy of one of the most energetic particles of cosmic radiation is already equivalent to the energy of a tennis ball dropped from a height of ten meters onto the ground. However, very few of such high-energy particles hit the earth: about one particle per square kilometer per century.

world of physics influence of cosmic rays on human beings

Why glucose gives energy and fructose hurtgar is one of the "
Main "enemies" of a healthy diet – people who are concerned about their diet usually agree on this.

But what exactly is sugar all about? Are all manifestations of sugar (household sugar, glucose, fructose, etc.) not considered?.) equals "bad"? And are we now allowed to stop eating healthy foods like fruit just because they contain fruit sugar (fructose? Questions about questions – which we clarify for you.

In this article, you'll learn:

Sure, somehow you know you shouldn't go indoors with your shoes on to avoid bringing dirt inside. However, not everyone is aware of the possible health consequences of doing so. Photo: Getty Images

By Friederike Ostermeyer | 27. April 2022, 11:15 am

Germs, bacteria, excrement – those who leave their shoes on in the apartment carry all sorts of undesirable things in with them and thus harm their health. Four reasons to slip into slippers when you come home from now on.

The kidneys perform a vital task. They cleanse the body of toxins and waste products. A human has about six liters of blood, the kidneys filter it about 300 times a day. So, through the two kidneys flow daily about 1.800 liters of blood.

On 11. The kidneys regulate the body's fluid balance. Are responsible for the formation of important hormones. If a kidney is damaged or fails, the consequences can be life-threatening. The World Kidney Day on 11. March 2021 wants to remind us to pay attention to the health of our kidneys.

Alcohol damages the kidneys

To prevent kidney problems, people should eat a healthy diet and drink enough fluids. As for alcohol, men should drink no more than two standard glasses a day, women no more than one standard glass of alcohol – that's z.B. A small glass of wine or beer – drink. Because if you consume too much alcohol, it can affect the health of the kidneys. Alcohol is a cytotoxin and the kidneys have to work hard to eliminate the toxins. Alcohol also leads to increased urine production, which explains the increased urge to urinate after drinking alcohol. As a result of fluid excretion, the body dries out and becomes dehydrated. The painful buzzing head after a night of drinking is nothing more than dehydration of the brain cells. If alcohol consumption is high or frequent, brain cells can be damaged or even die off.

Babies and young children can be protected from rare but life-threatening meningococcal disease at an early age through a variety of vaccines. However, there is often a lack of education: Many parents do not know, for example, that their children are not fully protected against meningococci by the STIKO-recommended standard vaccination alone. The World Vaccination Week of the WHO from 24. up to 30. April aims to raise global awareness of importance of vaccinations.

Not only since the COVID-19 pandemic has it become clear how important vaccinations are for society. They have been used for over 200 years. Considered one of the greatest achievements of medicine. Yet millions of children around the world still miss out on important vaccinations in their early years that could protect them from infectious diseases that are preventable.¹

The WHO (World Health Organization) pursues u. a. The goal of eradicating meningitis diseases by 2030.² This has already been achieved in the past through successful vaccination campaigns with other diseases, z. B. with polio, succeeded.

Zinc is considered by many to be the "all-rounder of nutrients". It is important for a multitude of significant tasks in the body. From the immune system, to metabolism, to childbearing, many areas are directly dependent on the supply of zinc. But here always threatens a deficiency.

Because the body can not meet the need for zinc itself. Therefore zinc must be taken up over the food. Therefore, many foods are available that can cover the daily requirement of zinc. The wide range of products containing zinc, u. a. various types of cheese, beef, oysters or lentils, make it possible to take ca. 7-12 milligrams of the daily requirement versatile to cover.

But how do you recognize early on that you are taking in too little zinc?? Is zinc worthwhile as a dietary supplement? We answer these and more questions in the following article!

In its many forms, hepatitis poses a serious threat to health. What all forms have in common is that they cause inflammation of the liver. In the long term, the most common viral forms – hepatitis B and C – can cause serious health problems such as liver cancer, cirrhosis and liver failure resulting in death. In the short term, hepatitis A often manifests as a foodborne illness accompanied by vomiting, fever, and diarrhea.

Every year on 28. July is World Hepatitis Day, coinciding with the start of the vacation season for many people in the WHO European Region, when they take a much-needed break from work and daily routines. Although hepatitis is a year-round threat, certain summer vacation activities pose a particular risk of infection. Fortunately, there are ways to protect against hepatitis infection, both by vaccination and by taking steps to limit the risk of infection.

avoid hepatitis A by careful handling of food and drinks

Many people know that infection with hepatitis A is associated with poor sanitation or unsafe drinking water. Few realize, however, that even touching a piece of fruit at the market can leave hepatitis A pathogens on the hands, where they are just waiting to enter the body through the mouth. It's always important to wash your hands frequently with soap and water. But when traveling to parts of the world where outbreaks of hepatitis A are common, it is even more important to.

Why does my horse have a cough?Respiratory problems represent the most common disease of internal organs in horses. To avoid chronic bronchitis, horse coughs should be treated quickly and professionally.

why does my horse have a cough greenhero

Recognize and treat respiratory and bronchial problems

Respiratory problems scare many horse owners. No wonder, because they represent the most common disease of the internal organs in horses and, if they become chronic, can lead to damping off and thus a significant loss of performance of the animals.