Widow's pension: 11 facts you should definitely knowLittle widow's pension, big widow's pension, death quarter, application& Height – we have compiled the most important facts about the widow's pension for you.

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The death of a partner is a heavy emotional blow. Even if nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, at least the widow's pension or widower's pension should be a help during the difficult time and secure the livelihood. We have the 11 most important facts about the widow's pension. Widower's pension compiled for you. Since the same rules apply to the widow's pension and the widower's pension, this article will only refer to the widow's pension for the sake of simplicity. This refers to both pensions due to death.

The U1 and U2 pay-as-you-earn system within the statutory health insurance system ensures that the financial burdens of a company due to illness or maternity leave are cushioned. It is a mandatory inter-company compensation process for employers.

The topic briefly explained by Luke Lohnexperte:

Overview of the U1 and U2 pay-as-you-go system

Employers pay a monthly % rate of the employee's gross amount subject to pension insurance to the health insurance fund, and the fund then steps in if the employer must continue to pay wages. The employer must carry out the equalization procedure via the health insurance fund as the responsible collection agency, with which the respective employee is insured or to which pension and unemployment insurance contributions are deducted.

Some insurers offer so-called dread disease insurance as an alternative to occupational disability policies. However, these rarely benefit seriously ill workers

More than one third of Germans are afraid of not being able to work anymore for financial reasons. This is what a DEVK survey from last year shows. Many employees want to take out disability insurance (BU) in case of an emergency . However, this doesn't always work out: Those with pre-existing conditions or a particularly high occupational risk sometimes don't get insurance coverage – or the policies become so expensive due to high risk surcharges that they can hardly be paid for on an average salary.

If you are not insured against occupational disability, you will only receive the statutory pension for reduced earning capacity in the event of a claim. The amount of the pension depends on how long one has paid into the statutory pension insurance. Don't lavish it, even on long-time contributors.

Children's sick payTo enable you to care for your child at home, the SBK pays you children's sick pay.

In the case of children's sick pay, you will receive 90% of your lost net pay from the SBK. So you can take care of your child in peace and quiet. Find out what the requirements are and what else there is to consider on this page.

When do I get children's sickness benefits from the SBK??

You get children's sick pay from SBK if,

What does the MDK do??What does the mdk bremen do?

Everyone has heard of the MDK at one time or another – whether it's because their grandparents have applied for a care degree or because a medical service was required for which it was not clear whether the health insurance would cover it. The assessment generally concerns the need for care, rehab applications, disputed decisions about medical care or clarification of incapacity for work. But these are not the only areas of work of the MDK.

Assessments for the health insurance funds

The MDK supports and advises the health insurance companies on medical and care ies to be assessed independently and neutrally. The doctors of the MDK are only subject to their medical conscience. May not intervene in treatment.

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Parkinson's disease, often colloquially referred to as Parkinson's disease, is the most common disease of the human nervous system. The disease progresses slowly. Leads to the death of certain nerve cells in the brain. The consequences are mainly limitations in movements, such as tremors, muscle stiffness and generally slowed movements. Although the disease is still incurable, many affected individuals can be helped with proper care and special medication.

Parkinson's disease is named after the British physician James Parkinson. In 1817, he was the first physician to address the disease and its symptoms. Since then, symptoms, causes and treatment methods have been further researched.

Definition: What is Parkinson's disease?

Parkinson's is one of the most common neurodegenerative diseases diagnosed in humans. It leads to the death of nerve cells of the substantia nigra in the midbrain. The substantia nigra are melanin-containing. Dopamine-producing nerve cells.

Serious accident and suddenly you are in a wheelchair – A possible situation that can be covered by dread disease insurance.


How does the Dread-Disease insurance work?

With Dread-Disease insurance, in contrast to a
Occupational or disability insurance No monthly pension, but a fixed sum insured is agreed upon. After a defined illness has been diagnosed, this is usually a one-time charge, regardless of whether the insured person's ability to work is restricted or not.

If there is a need for dread disease coverage?

With reference to the most common diseases mentioned at the beginning, more than 1.1 million cases of illness occur in Germany every year. Thus statistics speak clearly for the Dread Disease protection, because it becomes clear that the risk to suffer a heavy illness is higher, than one often ames.

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What does the employer get when his employees are sickWhen employees are on sick leave, the employer is obligated to continue paying them wages. This can quickly become an enormous financial burden, especially for small companies, which is why the legislator has provided for continued pay insurance for small and medium-sized companies in the form of the U1 levy.

What does the employer get when his employees are sick?

The most important facts in brief: