Despite what Hollywood would tell you, this breed is calm and happy when properly trained. Rotties are always on the lookout for danger and intruders, but they also take time to play and act. As natural herders and ranchers, they like to provide their owners with useful tasks and a strong work ethic. Aggressiveness and willingness to fight are not common in the breed (except for some irresponsible trainers). So you can expect an intelligent and alert dog with a calm, confident attitude.


This medium to large dog has a strong yet compact build that is stocky, solid and slightly longer than tall. A medium-length, broad skull contains strong jaws, a scissor bite and a broad muzzle. Almond-shaped, dark brown eyes are properly proportioned and give an attentive expression. The ears are triangular. Hanging close to the cheek. A broad chest leads to muscular legs ending in round, compact, well arched toes. The rear dewclaws are often removed, as well as the tail, generally to the first or second vertebrae. The Rottweiler has a double coat.

The outer coat consists of medium length hair that is flat, coarse, dense and water resistant. This visible coat is black with clearly defined markings in shades of brown from tan to mahogany. The undercoat is located on the neck and thighs, but does not pass through the coat and is generally lighter in gray or brown, but can also be in black.

VBL pension: How to pay tax on supplementary pensionsThe VBL supplementary pension fund helps public sector employees to build up additional pension provision. There may even be state subsidies.

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The Federal and State Government Employees' Retirement Fund (Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Lander – VBL) is the supplementary pension fund for the public sector. According to the VBL, 4.8 million employees from the public sector are insured, and 1.4 million people already receive a so-called company pension from the VBL (as of 2021). This makes the VBL Germany's largest supplementary pension fund for the public sector.

RheumatismThe term rheumatism covers more than 100 different diseases – from osteoarthritis to gout and lupus to fibromyalgia. However, those who speak of rheumatism usually mean rheumatoid arthritis, which affects about one percent of the world's population. The chronic joint inflammation is very painful. Can severely affect everyday life. It is therefore all the more important to quickly initiate appropriate treatment and, if necessary, to consider rehabilitation.

Under the term Rheumatism is further the inflammatory joint rheumatism, the rheumatoid arthritis, meant. Much of this also applies to arthritis with psoriasis.

What causes rheumatism?

Why rheumatism develops at all, is not yet scientifically completely clarified. Researchers ame, however, that autoimmune processes play a major role. In rheumatism patients the immune system misdirected, this means that the body's own substances are classified as foreign and are fought against. Immune cells migrate into the joints and produce substances that promote inflammation – with the result that the synovium begins to proliferate. If the disease remains untreated, it comes in the course of the years to the complete destruction of the ligaments, cartilage and bones of the respective joint.

West Highland TerrierOriginating from Scotland, the West Highland Terrier is a lively, affectionate dog. If you want to know more about the dog breed, you will find it here. In addition to tips on raising and keeping a West Highland Terrier, we also provide you with information on raising and keeping, among other things.

west highland terrier breed description information about the westie



Around the history of the West Highland Terrier various stories entwine. Most common is that of the Scotsman Colonel Malcolm of Poltalloch. This is said to have accidentally shot one of his hunting terriers during the hunt, which he mistook for a piece of game because of its dark coat.

What is operational integration management (BEM)??Let's ame that one of your employees has been sick more often and sometimes for a longer period of time in the past few months. His absenteeism is increasing, and he has now been on sick leave for more than six weeks in total.

In this situation, according to § 167 para. 2 SGB IX Your duty as an employer to intervene with occupational integration management, or BEM for short.

Definition: What is BEM?

Corporate integration management (BEM) is a procedure prescribed by law for the Reintegration of an employee who has been sick for a longer or more frequent period of time. It is intended to reduce future absenteeism. Maintaining an employee's job in the long term.

Respiratory disease in dogsWhat is respiratory disease in dogs?? Symptoms and treatment method for respiratory disease, cost of the procedure.

Respiratory disease in dogs

– Respiratory disease FAQ – definition – symptoms and treatment – cost of treatment

Unpaid leave: entitlement, application, duration + insuranceIf the annual leave is not enough, employees can apply for unpaid leave. For example, in order to fulfill a dream trip, to complete further training or to care for relatives. However, employees are entitled to unpaid leave only in a few exceptions. Moreover, they should consider what will happen to their social security during that time. We show how and how long to file a claim for unpaid leave, how leave is calculated, and all the things you need to keep in mind…

Unpaid leave: what do we mean by it??

Unpaid leave is a form of time off. The working relationship remains unchanged. However, employees do not have to come to work and do not receive a salary during that time. In addition, the continued payment of wages in the event of illness is omitted.

Unpaid leave: How long to take?

In contrast to recreational leave, employees are not entitled to unpaid leave. In the Federal Leave Act (BUrlG) is only the legal right to paid minimum leave regulated. This includes at least 24 days a year if you work a 6-day week; if you work a 5-day week, your annual leave entitlement is reduced to at least 20 days.

Reimbursement for sick employees – this is how it works!If an employee falls ill and is unable to work, you as the employer are obliged to continue paying the employee for up to six weeks. For small and medium-sized companies, the employee's loss of work means not only a loss of manpower, but also a financial burden. However, the U1 pay-as-you-go system can be used to mitigate the financial side somewhat. How the whole thing works and what employers should know about the U1 levy can be found in the following article.

When is an employee unfit for work?

An employee is incapacitated for work when

– is so ill that the current occupational tasks cannot be performed, or – the illness would be aggravated by continuing to work

Travel planning – protection against illness while travelingTravel health insurance is the absolute must for travel if you want to protect yourself from going into debt due to medical expenses. Repatriation is particularly important – this should be classified as medically reasonable in the contract.

Long term international health insurance is for long trips like Work& Travel, semester abroad or au pair a sensible coverage. The offers for longer-term health insurance abroad are very diverse, so a comprehensive comparison is recommended. Here, too, it is advisable to pay attention to the age limit.

Why not take out insurance when booking your trip?

Legacy travel health insurance policies: Check which insurances you have already taken out and whether a change might be worthwhile. Ask your current provider if they can renew outdated terms and conditions. If not, it is a good idea to change.

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The most important facts in brief

Almost two million people in Germany are due to a reduction in earning capacity no longer able to earn your living itself. illnesses or an accident can lead to them being reduced to financial government support are dependent in the form of a reduced earning capacity pension. – For the reduction in earning capacity pension there are two types of prerequisites. Affected persons must have certain insurance-legal conditions fulfill. In addition, the medical evidence be provided that the earning capacity is limited. – Among the most common causes of reduced earning capacity are depression. Mental illnesses have a comprehensive effect on the occupational performance of those affected.