Disability and leave compensationSickness benefits expire after 78 weeks at the latest – this situation is often referred to as disablement. In most cases, the affected person now goes directly to the employment office. But how is it actually with the remaining vacation? Can you still take your vacation before unemployment benefits start?

Vacation before the start of sick leave

First a step back. When people in the employment relationship fall ill, the continued payment of wages first takes effect. Usually up to six weeks. During this time you get your usual salary. Only then does the health insurance company take over. Pays the so-called sick pay. You have less money available from this point on, often it is a minus of about 20 percent compared to the last net salary.

To delay these losses, many affected individuals take leave before sick pay begins. In this way, you will continue to receive your salary for the time being – even if your entitlement to continued payment of wages has already been exhausted. This form of leave compensation is usually unproblematic.

Sickness benefit: From when you get it and how to apply for itOnce the employer stops paying wages in the event of prolonged illness, the statutory health insurance will step in. However, the payment of sick pay always causes trouble. What you should know if you are sick for several weeks.

Sickness benefit from when you get it and how you apply for it

– Sick pay is a benefit of the statutory health insurance. The amount depends on your regular income. It amounts to 70 percent of your gross salary (with further restrictions). – In most cases, the health insurance company pays sick pay from the seventh week after the first sick leave, because until then the employer still steps in. – Employees, trainees and recipients of unemployment benefit I are entitled to sickness benefit. Self-employed people, on the other hand, must take care of their own coverage.

InsuranceIn the six federal states, Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt, the dog liability insurance, is a mandatory insurance and must be proven when registering the dog.

Important facts in brief

In the six federal states, Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt, the dog liability insurance, is a mandatory insurance and must be proven when registering the dog.

– Leading the dog without a leash – Friends and acquaintances – Dog guardians

Continuation of pay sick childIf a child is sick, he or she should recover as quickly as possible. If the parents are employed, there is an entitlement to children's sick pay for the days on which the child has to be cared for at home.

Extended entitlement to children's sick pay also in 2022

The current law amending the Infection Protection Act and other laws on the occasion of the repeal of the determination of the epidemic situation of national scope now provides that – analogous to the regulation in 2021 – also limited in time to the year 2022 per parent a

Dog owner liability insurance

Why is the conclusion of a dog owner liability insurance worthwhile??

dog owner liability insurance rates may 2022

Dogs are faithful everyday companions. Every welcome is euphoric as the first day. Even unpleasant events are not carried forward. The best friend on four paws is eager to learn, as long as it is playful. Then he or she forgets everything around. Unfortunately, this game can also turn into an unintentionally serious situation if another person or dog is harmed by your own.

Relatives have the possibility to be absent from work for up to ten working days in order to organize care according to need in an acute care situation or to ensure nursing care during this time.

Employees are required to notify the employer immediately of their inability to perform work and its expected duration. No specific form of communication is envisioned.

For the claim of the short-time work prevention no care degree must have been determined yet, however a care neediness must be present, which corresponds at least to the care degree 1.

Dog liability – yes or no?Dog liability yes or no

For many dog owners the possession of a dog is not only one of the largest childhood dreams at all, but with security also one of the most beautiful, own hobbies. With hardly an occupation one can switch off after a stressful working day namely better than with the own dog in the free one.

However – and this is fact – the dog attitude is not even with security the most favorable hobby, which one can have. Besides grain-free dog food, dog toys, vaccination, health insurance and Co. then also costs occur, with which one does not necessarily count as a dog owner.

Despite integration and rehabilitation measures: Often, employees with MSDs are unable to return to their jobs. Whether an insurance-legal compensation (occupational disease) is possible or not – in addition you find information here.

Medical rehabilitation and integration into the workplace after a lengthy illness are also top priorities for employees with MSDs – keyword: Workplace integration management (BEM). However, around 2000 recognized occupational illnesses refer to it every year. Regularly over ten percent early retirements related to MSE on the limits of these procedures. When return to work is impossible or limited, the compensation process comes into focus.

What to do if (re)integration fails? Compensation for occupational diseases related to musculoskeletal disorders

A whole series of important and well-known causal relationships between occupational influences and the musculoskeletal disorders that can result from them are known. These are listed in Annex 1 of the Occupational Diseases Ordinance (BKV). Of primary importance are the occupational diseases BK2101 to BK2114 from section 2 "Diseases caused by physical agents" – see below. Also worth mentioning are some occupational illnesses caused by chemical exposure and by working in compressed air. Here, too, there are certain relationships to MSDs – see below.

The blocking period at the unemployment benefit according to § 159 SGB IIIVMany employees fear the so-called blocking period at the unemployment benefit, especially if they play with the idea of filing a notice of termination. Who wants to be without money in the next few weeks?? The situation is aggravated when the work wants to feed a whole family. Then some refrain from quitting, even if there is an important reason.

So-called blocking periods can be imposed in the context of unemployment benefits. You can find out what needs to be considered in the following guidebook. Often a lot of half-knowledge flows in relation to the block on unemployment benefits. Include uncertainties in the discussions. But what is to be understood under the blocking period at all? Which conditions and conditions are attached to the barrier with the employment office?

Briefly& scarcely: Blocking period with the unemployment pay

During the so-called blocking period you are not entitled to unemployment benefit I.