Philips humidifiersHumidify the air in your home hygienically around the clock.

We believe every breath is important

The innovative Philips humidifiers allow you to rid your home of dry air – for a healthy body and an optimal immune system.

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WOLF-Garten starts the gardening season with four new manual hedge trimmers. Image: Wolf Garden.

They serve as natural sight and wind protection, separating elements between garden areas or border planting for more privacy – hedges are an important part of garden design and require appropriate care. Whether topiary in spring and summer, maintenance pruning in autumn or necessary rejuvenation pruning in winter, almost every hedge should be cut back at least once a year. Regular pruning ensures that plants grow healthily and vigorously over the long term, and encourages the branches to grow wider with new shoots. How to grow hedges particularly dense.

For smaller hedges, it does not always have to be an electric or gasoline-powered model: Here, a manual hedge trimmer is perfectly sufficient to bring or keep the hedge in shape.

Wobbler syndrome in dogsWobbler syndrome is a dog disease caused by damage to the nerves in the area of the spinal cord.

Wobbler syndrome in dogs animal friend

Mainly large dog breeds are affected by the Wobbler syndrome.

What is phytate? 2. Phytate-dependent intake recommendation for zinc

Zinc is an important trace element that is absorbed through the diet. But what does the body need the mineral for?? What happens if he gets too little or too much of it? And which foods are particularly good sources of zinc? EAT SMARTER clarifies!

What is zinc?

Zinc is a metal that is essential for human life as a trace element. It cannot be produced by the body itself. Only be stored in small quantities.

Innovation Baufritz-WLAN-ProtectConventional routers cause a sometimes serious intensity of electromagnetic fields due to the permanent, invisible, radio wave exposure in living rooms – and this also in rooms where the occupants want to physically regenerate overnight. Affected by the broad radio radiation are also children's rooms, in sog. "Transit rooms". That can reduce the physical. Affect the mental development of your children. And adults are equally exposed to the considerable strain on their physical health.

WLAN, Wireless LAN, with all the advantages of comfort and networking, has long been part of our digital world. Therefore, our premise in the Baufritz House is to handle the Internet via wireless connection in a moderate manner.

Wlan protect the healthy living mini router baufritz

WINIX LightCel™ TechnologyThe WINIX LightCel UV-C + LED technology removes bacteria present in the water, providing a soothing and safe mist for you and your family.
Ultraviolet (UV) Humidifiers purify water with UV light and distribute clean water particles throughout the room. UV-C light purifies water before dispersing it, reducing the spread of germs and bacteria. UV-C rays inhibit its expansion by disabling cells in the sense of damaging the chemical structure of biological DNA.

There are three types of UV rays:

– Long wavelength (UV-A) – Medium wavelength (UV-B) – Short wavelength (UV-C)

Diabetic informationThe Type 1 diabetes usually becomes noticeable very quickly with symptoms such as a strong urge to urinate, thirst and fatigue and is usually diagnosed quickly. In contrast, a Type 2 diabetes Often undetected for a long time. Its symptoms usually develop insidiously, so that they are not noticed by those affected. You get used to the signs without perceiving them as pathological. Thus, it may well take up to ten years before type 2 diabetes is detected and secondary diseases may have occurred due to the permanently elevated blood glucose levels (case example).

Screening is important
In order to diagnose type 2 diabetes at an early stage, it is important to attend regular check-ups: Blood glucose, a crucial diagnostic criterion, is also determined here.

Blood glucose measurements at the doctor
The diagnosis of diabetes mellitus is made by the physician on the basis of blood values. parameters for the diagnosis:

Why is my skin dehydrated?Any skin type – dry, oily or combination – can be dehydrated (lacking moisture). The effects can be more or less visible, but it is this lack of water that can cause the skin to feel uncomfortable, whether on the face or on the body, especially after showering or bathing. Although the ympotome are similar, the dehydrated skin must be clearly distinguished from the dry skin. These are two different skin problems. Learn more about dry to very dry skin here.

What are the signs of dehydrated skin?

why is my skin dehydrated bioderma recommended by dermatologists

Dehydrated skin commonly manifests as a lack of radiance and skin comfort with sometimes intense and long-lasting feelings of tension.

What is the difference between filter coffee. Espresso from the machine?Why does espresso taste different from filter coffee swr know

STAND 11.4.2019 , 2:17 pm AUTHOR/IN Thomas Vilgis

filter coffee: hot water drips through the coffee grounds

The difference has to do with the extraction process. When you make filter coffee, you brew the coffee, so put relatively hot water on it. Then the water drips through the coffee grounds. The flavors are extracted in the process.

Our tips- When buying textiles, look for seals that guarantee environmental and social standards. – Buy cotton textiles in organic quality ("organic cotton"). – Buy clothing from secondhand or trade clothes. – Rent clothes for one-off occasions such as weddings, parties and celebratory events. – Wear your clothes as long as possible. – Have your clothes repaired by tailors or shoemakers if they are worn out or defective. – Pass on unused clothing or dispose of it properly. Question fashion trends. Be critical of fast fashion. If necessary, discuss this with your children.

Know how

Clothes make the man, and German consumers are the frontrunners when it comes to buying new clothes. In this country, an average of 26 kilograms of textiles are purchased each year, of which 12 to 15 kilograms are clothing. By way of comparison, the global average is 8 kilograms per year. The production of textiles has ecological and social implications. Pesticides used in the cultivation of cotton, chemicals used in further processing, and CO2 generated by the use of energy all have a negative impact on the environment. In addition, in some production countries work is done under unsocial working conditions (many overtime hours, low wages, no union organization). With our tips, you can help to counteract the abuses and reduce the burden on the environment – without sacrificing fashion-conscious clothing.

Look for seals: Those who look for recommended and independent seals when buying clothing help to ensure that higher wages are paid and the environment is less polluted. Unfortunately, the seal market for clothing is (still) very confusing. A first and relatively simple step is therefore to look for organic quality in cotton textiles. Organic cotton clothing comes in a fashionable variety. In (almost) all price categories. They are now available not only from specialist suppliers, but also from large textile retailers. Mostly they are marked and advertised with in-house labels. The laundry list should state "made from x% organically grown cotton". Furthermore, you should buy clothes that are labeled with a recommendable seal. The information portal Siegelklarheit evaluates the seals for their credibility, environmental friendliness as well as social compatibility. Particularly recommendable, with a relatively high market availability, are for example the GOTS seal (Global Organic Textile Standard) as well as "bluesign® PRODUCT" for outdoor clothing. Other seals explained in more detail in the portal Siegelklarheit and classified as very good are: