The first signs of spring have already tickled the noses of many allergy sufferers. In addition to the early bloomers, especially grass and cereal species release Pollen allergies from! The video shows what each individual can do to alleviate the symptoms of their pollen allergy:

Everything used to be better? At least for hay fever sufferers there is some truth to this popular saying. If nasal congestion and watery eyes are due to a Pollen allergy for you in the warm months now somehow to it, granted them at least the winter a breather. But in the meantime it tingles the good twelve million Pollen allergy sufferers in Germany under circumstances already after the snowball fight in the nose. All imagination?

Your own four walls as a retreat from pollen – no problem with a pollen screen

What should you eat every day?

What to eat every day? 7 foods that are best to eat every day

Neither boring, nor lopsided: these are the foods you can incorporate into your diet every day with a clear conscience. Whether you're looking to build muscle or shed a few pounds

If you want to eat healthy, you must not only eat a balanced diet, but also a varied diet. But that's not quite true: here are 7 foods you should eat much more often – preferably even every day. Why this is not one-sided, but pretty smart, we tell you here. Plus: For each food we provide you with a suitable fitness recipe.

WLAN generation Wi-Fi 6The Wi-Fi 5 generation has been replaced by the WLAN generation Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 1 802.11ax). The special feature of the new generation is the increased speed of data transfer. Making wireless communication faster, more consistent and more convenient. In contrast to Wifi 5, Wifi 6 can be used in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency spectrum. Not only an increased throughput, but also an improvement of the simultaneous data transmission within the same radio cell on a multitude of devices, is made possible by MU-MIMO 2 and OFDMA 3. Improved security is brought by the Wi-Fi 6 thanks to WPA3 4. Improved interference reduction with better QoE 5 with.

Unlike the Wi-Fi 5 and all other previous standards, the Wi-Fi 6 communicates in parallel with all devices that are in a WLAN. Thus, the new Wi-Fi 6 delivers speed records when many end devices and IoT 6 devices are on a WLAN. The devices are thus in a more constant network connection, as simultaneous processing of larger data streams is possible. This plays a major role because the volume of mobile data traffic alone is expected to increase up to fourfold in the next four years – so the increased capacity is a key advantage of Wi-Fi 6.

In addition to enabling fully wirelessly connected office environments, the standard improves real-time collaboration applications in high-density environments, in addition to 4K or 8K video delivery.

Bogdan Bartnikowski, Edward Farber, Emil Farkas, Alfons Studzinski and Pola Oren: Four men and one woman who survived the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and have returned to this place of horror today, 77 years after its liberation. For Minister President Dietmar Woidke, this return is invaluable. He said at the commemoration ceremony for the anniversary in Sachsenhausen: "Today we bow in gratitude to the survivors who tell us about the past as contemporary witnesses. No history book, no film, no narrative can replace it. Even 77 years after the end of the war, it is hard to imagine the unbearable suffering that people had to endure here in Sachsenhausen and other places of Nazi terror because of their faith, their origin or their beliefs."

Woidke continued: "I am grateful that we can remember the liberation of Sachsenhausen together today. With the people who experienced this place in all its horror. Your Survival is an important sign of hope, for the fact that racial hatred, intolerance and misanthropy must never be allowed to prevail. We have to remind ourselves again and again how little can be taken for granted Peace, freedom and humanity are. They require our daily effort. They must be actively preserved, defended and created again and again."

From 1936 to 1945, more than 200 people were imprisoned in Sachsenhausen.000 people imprisoned under the cruelest conditions in so-called protective custody. In the beginning, it was mainly political opponents of the Nazi regime who came to Sachsenhausen. Later it was increasingly Jews, Sinti and Roma, homosexuals, the mentally and physically impaired or prisoners of war. Tens of thousands of them died from hunger, exhaustion, disease or cold, from the most severe mistreatment, executions, medical experiments and mass killings. Woidke : "Sachsenhausen was a Place of brutal extermination of innocents whose fate we commemorate today."

The smell of chlorine, a flowery bathing cap and, in between, a toned muscleman splashing and splashing his way around – do you also have such preconceptions in your head when you hear the word "swimming"?? Away with it! Pick yourself up and get a fit start to summer.

Fish generally don't have a problem with diseases of civilization – neither cardiovascular problems nor obesity and diabetes. Whether this is probably due to the fact that they permanently live one of the most popular endurance sports and thus enjoy many health benefits?

The benefits of swimming:

– Water prere helps venous blood to get to the heart better. This relieves your heart. And the cold stimulus also lowers your heart rate when you swim. – The metabolic transport is improved. – Their cardiovascular system is strengthened with properly dosed exertion. – Their respiratory muscles are strengthened by in or. Exhalation against the water prere. – The large range of motion during swimming as well as the influence of the water prere on the joints promote mobility. – Swimming as a whole-body sport develops muscles from head to toe, without much tension. – Swimming is good as an endurance sport even in old age because of the low stress on the skeleton, and it can also be done very slowly. – With correct technique, there is no danger of injury or overstraining (competitive sports excepted). – Swimming is also ideal after (sports) injuries because of the relief of body weight, as well as for overweight people or people with joint problems.

Correct skin care in winterCold air outside, dry heating air inside. In winter in particular, the skin is exposed to extreme temperature differences, which can cause problems. But how does the skin come cared for. Healthy through the winter?


"Not only the clothes, but also the skin care should be adapted according to the season. Because in winter our skin has completely different needs than, for example, in summer", says Dr. Lutz Engelmann, Head Physician of the Clinic for Dermatology and Venereology at the Helios Klinikum Aue.

Why skin care differs depending on the season?

The pug is one of the "short-headed" breeds of dogs that often struggle with breathing or feeding problems due to their anatomy. To avoid serious late effects and unnecessary suffering of the animals, it is important to recognize the symptoms in time and take measures.

Due to many years of breeding selection, the typical appearance of the pug today was created. This change is called brachycephalic, "brachis" for short and "cephalus" for head. Skull and especially nose and lower jaw became increasingly shortened. The clinical picture, the brachycephalic syndrome, which can develop from it, is accompanied by different symptoms. Noises during breathing, vomiting of food, shortness of breath, difficult or non-existent nasal breathing and rapid exhaustion up to breathing stops during sleeping and unconsciousness are possible. If you notice abnormalities, such as snoring or whistling, in the breathing of your animal, further clarification by your veterinarian is advisable. Increased panting, lack of condition or discomfort when eating can also be an indication of this clinical picture.

Breathing stops and sleep apnea in pugs

Breathing pauses during sleep, known as sleep apnea, cause a temporary lack of oxygen supply to the body. This results in restless and less restful sleep, which further impairs performance. Also, secondary diseases of the cardiovascular system cannot be ruled out. By means of a general examination, supplemented by radiological diagnostics and an examination of the throat and mouth under sedation, the veterinarian can make the diagnosis brachycephalic syndrome. There is no permanent drug therapy, only in an acute situation there are short-term effective treatment methods, such as the administration of oxygen or infusions.

With herbal mixtures against diseasesHerbal medicines have a long tradition in Germany. As of July 2016, according to the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices. Medical products 1.320 phytopharmaceuticals approved.320 phytopharmaceuticals approved. The fact that plants produce numerous active substances against microorganisms, which humans can also make use of, explains Professor Dr. Michael Wink, director at the Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Heidelberg in an interview with Dr. Ariane Pott for BIOPRO Baden-Wurttemberg.

How do you define a herbal medicine?

Professor Dr. Michael Wink, Director at the Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology at Heidelberg University © Wink

The layman considers all medicines derived from plants to be herbal medicines. But decisive is the drug law, the AMG. It distinguishes several categories: All pure substances isolated from plants belong to the chemical defined substances according to the AMG; thus, for example, a cardiac glycoside or morphine are equivalent to synthetic substances for the AMG. Then there are the herbal preparations in which not the pure substance is used, but always only the extract. The AMG considers such extract preparations to be herbal medicines (phytopharmaceuticals). And then, of course, there are other medicines made from plants that are used in homeopathy or anthroposophy. But according to the AMG these are not drugs of phytotherapy, but homeopathic or anthroposophic drugs.

Why sauna is so healthy?We provide social media plug-ins for the use of social media services offered by various companies. These are included in a two-click process on the AOK online offers.

– 1 Why is sauna so healthy? – 2 Start-up help for sauna beginners

Picture credits: © stock.adobe. Regular sauna sessions are considered healthy. Are training for the defenses. But why actually? Interview with Dr. Maik Irmisch, specialist for internal medicine at the AOK ServiceCenter Clarimedis, on the special features of the Finnish sauna.

The currently (2019) available drugs can somewhat stop Alzheimer's dementia, but not cure it.

Why the approximately 47 million people currently affected worldwide suffer from Alzheimer's type dementia is still not fully understood, despite decades of research. The only thing that is clear is that numerous processes interact and the measurable changes take place at least 10 to 20 years before the first symptoms of forgetfulness appear. What initially appears to be normal inattention becomes increasingly severe at the onset of Alzheimer's dementia. Over time, it becomes difficult to remember several planned tasks at once; it becomes a problem to find one's way around unfamiliar and later even familiar surroundings, and eventually the brain forgets even close people. In addition, there are often various behavioral problems: Affected persons become z. B. very restless, aggressive or jealous. It is known that only about 5% of all Alzheimer's patients have specific gene mutations, but it is primarily a disease of old age.

What happens in the brain when people develop dementia?

So far, an important role is attributed to the deposits in the brain already known to Alois Alzheimer: "protein piles" called amyloid plaques are found in brain tie outside nerve cells. The changes damage the brain tie; it shrinks dramatically. Also significant are changes in messenger substances in the brain (neurotransmitters), especially reduced levels of acetylcholine. Drugs that help to normalize acetylcholine show an effect, even if only moderate. But even though these agents can preserve the mental abilities of some Alzheimer's patients for up to about a year and delay progression, they are not cures. Numerous research teams around the world have been trying to combat forgetting for decades. But even the new treatments, from enzyme blockers to antibodies, have so far proved a disappointment.