Why the pulse is so important when runningSpeed is not magic. The pulse plays a major role. Sports scientist Prof. Dr. Jurgen Giebing explains how runners* increase their performance through correct pulse calculation.

Endurance sports like running offer a number of health benefits. These include reduced body fat, accelerated metabolism, improved immune function, and an increase in overall well-being. If we take into account the fact that cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death in our civilized world, it quickly becomes clear that the question is not whether you should do endurance training, but how you should do it.

To answer this question, it makes sense to briefly discuss the components of a training program, the so-called training parameters. They include volume, frequency, density and intensity of the running sessions completed.

Benign positional vertigo- The brief attacks of vertigo are harmless.


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Water in the lungs – What does it mean exactly??Water in the lungs – one hears it again and again – but what does it actually mean exactly and what is behind it? Fluid in the lungs is life threatening. Can lead to suffocation if left untreated. One must distinguish between fluid accumulation in the lungs (pulmonary edema). Distinguish in the chest (thoracic effusion). Both cause dyspnea, but cause and treatment are usually different. I would like to focus on the problem of "water in the lungs". Will only briefly write about thoracic effusion in the last paragraph.

Water in the lungs – pulmonary edema

Possible causesĀ¹:

Heart failure
– Toxins (z.B. Smoke gas) – Medications – Iatrogenic (over-infusion) – Protein deficiency – Infections – Electrical shock, seizures, head trauma – Blocked airways (z.B. by foreign bodies) – "inhalation" of fluid (z.B. under anesthesia, under water) – lack of oxygen (altitude sickness)

Heart failure is the most common cause of pulmonary edema. Other causes are less common, usually occur late in the course of other diseases, and often have a different clinical picture and other symptoms.

What is MRSA? The abbreviation "MRSA" stands for the designation

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. This is a bacterium that is resistant to the active substance methicillin. This agent is used in the antibiotics commonly used today. As a rule, the MRSA bacteria are also resistant to the active substance oxacillin. Some MRSA pathogens are even multidrug resistant, d.h. Antibiotic agents. Can therefore not be killed by these.

In plain language, this means for those affected that diseases caused by MRSA pathogens can be fought only with difficulty with antibiotics.

Whether you are a vegan, a competitive athlete or a pregnant woman, the use of nutritional supplements should be well considered and should suit your own situation.

In recent years, the
training pulse are becoming more and more important in sports activities. For many athletes today, effective training is no longer imaginable without determining their own heart rate. It not only provides information about the athlete's performance, but also allows the athlete to optimize the athletic load, to train in a targeted and effective manner. For people with pre-existing heart disease, knowing their exercise pulse is particularly important. In the best case they train ineffectively, in the worst case it can come to the endangerment, z.B. by the occurrence of life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia or even a heart attack.

Today, both competitive athletes and beginners design their training plans primarily according to the measured pulse values. In addition to heart rate, age, general health and training volume should of course also be taken into account in order to optimize one's own training.

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The right pillow: Pillows for every sleep typeThe right pillow prevents tension and pain. Find the right pillow for your sleeping position and body type.

The right pillow prevents tension and pain. Find the right pillow for your sleeping position and body type.

As different as our sleeping habits are, as different is which pillow to use and in which way to use your pillow. One can roughly divide into two types of "pillow users" here differentiate: There are the "pillow huggers", who prefer to put a large pillow filled with feathers or flakes cuddled together under their head, and there are those who are simply "good" lie on their form pillow – transitions between the two groups are fluid.

Among other things, Verdi is fighting for a collective bargaining agreement for letter carriers and parcel delivery staff.

In Germany, employees work in very different industries. While some provide for the culinary well-being of your guests, deliver other mail and parcels or take the train from A to B.

Each individual Employees have only limited influence on their working conditions in this case, faces a much more powerful employer as a rule. In view of the economic dependence the boss usually dictates the conditions of the employment relationship.

Read here which common treatment methods there are, what you can do yourself and when you should definitely consult a doctor. For whom is which therapy suitable, how does it work, what do you need to consider in the preparation and what are the risks and side effects?

Therapies: Definition

In general, therapy means the treatment of a disease. The term summarizes
all procedures together, alleviate or cure disabilities, diseases or injuries. A prerequisite for medical treatment is a prior diagnosis in which a physician has identified a disease. An important component of most therapies is trusting communication between doctor and patient.

Doctors usually treat with therapies whose Effectiveness verified by scientific methods and which are recognized by the medical profession. This is also referred to as evidence-based medicine (EbM).

In age-related macular degeneration (AMD) there is a loss of central visual acuity. The term macula comes from Latin and refers to the center of the retina, the area of sharpest vision that is only 2 square millimeters in size. It is also known as a "yellow spot" Designated. The majority of the most sensitive sensory cells of the eye, the so-called cones, are located in this area. Through these cells, the person can see colors. Perceiving sharp images. In the process, the light-sensitive parts are constantly consumed, repelled, disintegrated and transported away by the action of the light of the cones. At the same time new membrane discs grow back. This normal metabolic process is disturbed with increasing age and can lead to AMD.

AMD is the most common cause of severe visual impairment in people over the age of 50. It affects about. 30 % of 75-85 year olds. Ca. 2 million people in Germany suffer from AMD. With the aging of society, the absolute number of people with the disease increases year after year.

This film gives an impression of how a person with age-related macular degeneration perceives an everyday situation: