Essen gesundheitIn the meantime, however, it is clear that vitamins in tablet form are ineffective at best, as proven by a long-term study of 160,000 women, among others. At worst, they may even increase the risk of cancer, as Danish researchers have discovered. For vitamins from vegetables. Fruit, on the other hand, does not pose a threat. The German Society for Nutrition in Bonn advises eating five portions of food a day. This rule still applies, but: While experts previously amed that "five a day" would prevent 20 percent of cancers, a Europe-wide study with 519,000 participants has now lowered the hopeful figure to a meager 2.5 percent. "Food provides not only vitamins, but also hundreds of other substances, some of which we don't even know about yet," says Prof. Bernhard Watzl, head of the Department of Nutritional Biochemistry at the Max Rubner Institute in Karlsruhe, Germany. "These substances probably interact in the body in a highly complex way – very little is known about this yet."

So the question must be allowed: What do we even know? You can get the most up-to-date and sufficiently researched answers now! With this ie, VITAL starts a four-part series dealing with the latest findings on healthy nutrition. The first step is a big test that puts your eating habits under the microscope. Then you will learn which nutrients are particularly beneficial to the various organs. We summarize all recommendations for you at the end in ten simple rules. They ensure that your metabolism gets what it needs every day.

The best VITAL SUBSTANCES for the whole body

Of course, all cells of our body benefit from a balanced diet. Nevertheless, some vital substances are particularly important for certain organs because they z.B. specifically support liver function or prevent elevated blood fat levels from leading to vasoconstriction. VITAL asked the nutritional physician Prof. Hans Hauner from the Technical University of Munich and Prof. Claus Leitzmann, former director of the Institute for Nutritional Science at the University of Giessen, which foods contain these "organ helpers" and how much of them we should eat each day. The brain is the body's command center. Switching point of the entire nervous system. Everything we think, feel, want and do originates here. In order for the highly complex processes of its approximately 100 billion nerve cells to function, it absolutely needs fat. Unsaturated fatty acids such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which make up almost two-thirds of all fats found in the brain, surround the nerve cells like a protective cushion and help to transmit electrical and chemical signals smoothly.

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Pressing, pulling or stabbing discomfort: Elbow pain can manifest itself in very different ways. The causes of elbow pain are equally varied. It is usually caused by incorrect or excessive strain, such as tennis elbow. How to get it under control again?

Where does pain occur in the elbow joint?

Strictly speaking, the elbow is not a single joint. The elbow is made up of three joints that share a joint capsule and connect the ulna and radius bones of the forearm to the humerus. The elbow joint is stabilized by three strong ligaments. In addition, cartilage, synovial fluid and tendons are further components of the joint. Any of these parts of the elbow joint can be a trigger for elbow pain.