Rheumatism only affects old people? No, children also suffer from this disease. The most common form is rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammation of the joints, known in the trade as "Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis – JIA for short". Juvenile stands for "an onset before the age of 16. Year of life, idiopathic for "unknown cause", arthritis for "inflammation of the joints". Each year, about 1.200 children. Young people up to 16 years at JIA.200 children and adolescents up to 16 years of age suffer from JIA.

There are several forms of JIA:

– More than 50 percent of JIA patients suffer from oligoarthritis (oligo = few, arthritis = joint inflammation). The disease usually appears in infancy and affects few joints – often only the knee joint in the beginning. – Systemic arthritis affects around ten percent of JIA sufferers. It begins with high recurring fever. Pale red skin. Joints become inflamed. Internal organs. – In polyarthritis (poly = many), more than four joints become inflamed – typically finger and toe joints, as well as hand, knee and ankle joints. There are two types. In rheumatoid factor-negative polyarthritis, no rheumatoid factor can be detected in the blood – the disease, which often begins at preschool age, is correspondingly difficult to diagnose. In rheumatoid factor-positive polyarthritis, on the other hand, a rheumatoid factor can be detected. The disease develops mostly in adolescent girls. : This form of joint inflammation occurs with psoriasis. The arthritis can precede the Psoriasis however by years. Arthritis with tendency to enthesitis: In this form of rheumatism, knees usually become inflamed-. Ankle joints as well as tendon insertions – often at the heel. Mostly boys of school age are affected.

The right way to register as unemployed or seeking work: When do I have to do what??The terms "unemployed" and "looking for work" are often used synonymously in everyday life. In fact, however, there are two different processes behind this. If you lose your job, you must usually register as both unemployed and looking for work. Otherwise you risk reductions in your unemployment benefits. Here you can find out what the difference is between the two and which deadlines you have to observe.

Timely notification is decisive for unemployment benefits

Regardless of whether you give notice yourself, a fixed-term employment contract expires or your employer hands you notice: as soon as it is foreseeable that you will soon be without a job and will need a new job to support yourself, you must inform the Employment Agency. And immediately. The legal basis for this is § 38 of the Third Book of the Social Code (SGB III). If you violate this rule, you will be subject to sanctions for unemployment benefits later on.

When do you have to register as a jobseeker?

The SGB III stipulates that you must register as a jobseeker at least three months before your employment relationship ends. In practice, however, this is only possible if your employment contract is subject to at least a three-month notice period or if it is limited in time from the outset. Therefore the following deadlines apply Job application:

Fungal infections of the skin are widespread. Can affect a wide variety of body regions. Read how to recognize and treat fungal skin infections.

Treat skin fungus

The earlier the treatment starts, the better the chances of getting rid of a skin fungus quickly. And the lower the risk, his to infect fellow human beings. Important to know: The main symptoms of fungal infections of the skin – reddened, scaly areas, itching, burning – can also occur in many other skin diseases. This begins with allergic reactions. Ranges from psoriasis to neurodermatitis.

Therefore, the diagnosis belongs in the hands of a Dermatologist. In most cases the dermatologist can already recognize the presence of the Appearance and location, what form of skin fungus is involved. To confirm the diagnosis, the pathogen can be detected either by culturing in a special nutrient medium and by microscopic examination of a skin sample. How skin fungus is treated depends above all on which fungus is behind it.

The symptoms differ considerably. Nevertheless, there is a common cause: changes in respiration.

While acute hyperventilation syndrome is a highly acute complaint (shortness of breath, anxiety, palpitations, dizziness, panic), chronic hyperventilation syndrome is often overlooked. It usually shows only indirectly. Often only after years of discomfort. However, the consequences for the quality of life are sometimes even more serious. Often lead to severe impairments and even retirement.


Certain foods may be able to help hay fever sufferers through the pollen season. Allergy sufferers should keep their hands off others.

Munich – In spring and summer the Pollen in Germany high season – to the chagrin of many Pollen allergy sufferers. This is because the flying pollen causes allergic reactions in people with Hay fever for unpleasant discomfort. A relaxing day outdoors is usually out of the question during this time. But sneezing attacks, reddened eyes and runny nose make hay fever sufferers are increasingly affected not only during the pollen season, but all year round. In addition, many affected people suffer despite taking Medication under strong complaints. Who does not want to resign itself to it, a Change of diet help.

Pollen allergy: With hay fever you better avoid these foods

With a Allergy The body reacts to actually harmless substances from the environment with a hypersensitive immune response. In case of Pollen allergy trigger the proteins contained in the pollen a complex defense mechanism. Among the most common Allergy triggers counts the pollen of Hazel, Alder and birch. But also various herbs and grasses like Mugwort or the introduced Ragweed can provoke an allergy. If the allergens from trees and grasses reach the mucous membranes in the nose and respiratory tract, they cause a allergic reaction. In this case, the body increasingly secretes the endogenous messenger substance histamine From which is responsible for the typical allergic symptoms.

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Spondylosis in dogs
Many dogs become stiff in old age, avoid climbing stairs or occasionally limp. You have pain in the back. Curl. The culprit is pathological degeneration of the spine.

Disease explained: What is spondylosis in dogs?

Spondylosis in dogs your pharmacy informs

Spondylosis can be detected with the help of an X-ray examination.

In respiratory infections such as colds, acute bronchitis or real flu, pathogens attack the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. These diseases are very common. Children in particular are infected on average around six times a year. But even adults usually fall ill two to four times a year. Especially in autumn and winter, countless viruses are circulating which can trigger various respiratory infections.

What causes respiratory infections?

Respiratory viruses or "respiratory viruses" are the cause of a simple cold, or also called a flu-like infection. In the case of a real flu, it is influenza viruses that trigger this serious illness.

In both infections, the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract organs is damaged, so that bacteria from the patient's own mucous membrane flora can also penetrate and multiply. Depending on the type of bacteria, a simple viral cold can develop into sinusitis, bronchitis or even pneumonia. Even the real flu takes a more severe course with such an additional bacterial infection ("secondary infection").

The generally known as "Special leave" is not a vacation entitlement, but under labor law a right to paid time off from work for special reasons. An employee is entitled to recreational leave pursuant to §§ 1, 3 BurlG. The question of whether an employee is entitled to paid time off from work for a special reason, i.e., "special leave," must be distinguished from this question. As attorneys for labor law, we would like to explain below when such a claim for paid time off exists. A claim to "special leave" can arise from employment contract, collective agreement, works agreement or law.

1. Cases of paid time off (special leave)

Pursuant to Section 616 of the German Civil Code, an employee shall not lose his entitlement to remuneration for work under labor law if he is "prevented from performing his duties for a relatively insignificant period of time due to a cause inherent in his person and without his being at fault". § Section 616 does not apply in the case of an employee's incapacity to work due to illness, as the special provisions of the EFZG take precedence in this respect. Not § 616 BGB, but § 19 para. of the German Civil Code (BGB) applies to vocational training relationships. 1 no. 2 BBiG applies.

Preventive reasons, which lie in the person of the employee, can be in particular: -the own wedding (BAG 27.04.1983, Az. 4 AZR 506/80); -the marriage of the children and the remarriage of one parent; -the golden wedding anniversary of the parents (BAG 25.10.1973, Ref. 5 AZR 156/73); -the confinement of the wife and the partner living in a domestic community (BAG 18.01.2001 Az. festivities such as first communion. Confirmation of the children (BAG 11.02.1993 Az.02.1993 Az. 6 AZR 98/92); -funerals in the close family circle (parents, children, siblings) or of relatives living in the household; -personal misfortunes through no fault of the employee (burglary, traffic accident); -honorary duties, such as judges, fire department, disaster control, self-administration in social insurance (BAG 08.12.1982, Az. 4 AZR 134/80); -subpoenas through no fault of your own (BAG 04.09.1985, Az. 7 AZR 249/83); -a doctor's appointment for acute ailments or when the doctor cannot or will not schedule the appointment outside of working hours because this z. B. only has consultation hours within working hours (BAG 29.02.1984 Az. 5 AZR 92/82); -compulsorily scheduled medical appointments, z. B. for x-rays or blood sampling in a sober state (BAG 27.06.1990 Az. 5 AZR 365/89); -examinations that are related to vocational training.

Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseThe English name "Inflammatory Bowel Disease" IBD stands for a chronic inflammation of the intestines of unknown cause, in which the dog or cat suffers from recurrent diarrhea and vomiting. In contrast to humans who suffer from Crohn's disease, a genetic defect that promotes the onset of the disease has not yet been identified in quadrupeds. However, a possible genetic component is suspected.

Inflammatory bowel disease ibd

The small and large intestines are usually affected, but rarely only one section of the intestine is inflamed. The constant irritation leads to a high degree of inflammatory cells (so-called lymphocytes and plasma cells) in the intestinal mucosa, it swells permanently and can also scar later on. As a result, the feed is no longer digested properly. Excreted too quickly. If the small intestine is also affected, the animals also lose a massive amount of weight, because it is in this section of the intestine that nutrients and energy are absorbed.