Scarlet fever is a serious disease, but it starts out quite harmlessly. How to distinguish the children's disease from a normal sore throat? How should your child be treated?

The name scarlet fever is derived from the color scarlet, which is also the most recognizable sign of this disease for parents: a reddened throat and later a red tongue and red skin rash. It is with 50.000 annual cases not a rare disease: on average, more than 6% of all children under the age of 5 get scarlet fever each year.

Red throat

At the beginning, your child has common cold signs such as fever, malaise, and especially sore throat. Often the tonsils are also already swollen and inflamed. At the latest when you see whitish coatings on your child's tongue and the child complains of difficulty swallowing, you should consult a doctor. As the disease progresses, the coatings dissolve. A bright red tongue appears underneath – the so-called raspberry tongue.

It lacks context. That the Covid-19 vaccine should be boostered so early does not mean it is worse than other vaccines.

30. November 2021

A current claim about the alleged duration of the effect of vaccinations lacks context (Photo: Picture Alliance / Zoonar / Axel Bueckert)

Water is life. Clean drinking water improves and protects health, gives children the opportunity to go to school permanently, empowers women, strengthens the local economy and makes a better future possible. Yet many people around the world do not have secure access to this precious commodity.


771 million people worldwide lack safe access to clean drinking water. Of these, some 489 million people lack access to any drinking water infrastructure. 1

Why water viva con agua

Vocational teaching: Teaching trainees and apprenticesOffspring welcome! The teaching profession for vocational schools not only has the most diverse composition of students, but also the most colorful spectrum of teachers – at least if you consider the training. There are many ways to enter the profession.

Again and again it is reported that vocational schools in Germany lack trained teachers. Degree programs at universities do not fully meet teacher needs – this is true for most types of schools in the vocational school system, such as vocational colleges, vocational schools, and vocational and technical academies.

Vocational school teachers often teach at different types of schools and must be able to adapt to different levels of performance and education at all times. Depending on whether they are currently facing a class with bank clerks or one with IT specialists. Flexibility is consequently one of the great strengths that an educator at a vocational school must have.

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"If there was a war here. Where would you go?". Danish author Janne Teller poses this question at the beginning of her essay "War. Imagine he would be here."The students of classes SOPA 1a, b and c are also confronted with this question in the subject "Performing Arts. For the Theater fur Niedersachsen is a guest at the Elisabeth-von-Rantzau-Schule. The Hildesheim director Moritz Nikolaus Koch has staged the text for a performance in the classroom.

The starting situation: Germany has left the EU, there is a war in Europe. Members of a family flee to Egypt. And they experience there what refugees also experience with us: language barriers, bureaucratic hurdles, prejudices and a feeling of loneliness. All of this is told and presented from the perspective of a girl who has fled and who, in a classroom in Egypt, tells her classmates about her experiences as a refugee and takes on different perspectives in a soliloquy.

The school-based part of initial vocational training within the dual system is of central importance. However, the school offer goes far beyond that.

Overall, all school-leaving qualifications are possible at vocational schools, from vocational maturity to the Abitur, with a high degree of permeability in the school career of young people. For example, a student who left school without a diploma can obtain a general university entrance qualification via the vocational preparation year, vocational schools 1 and 2 and the vocational high school if he or she shows the appropriate commitment. The schools, with their different emphases (business, technology, health/social), enable young people to pursue educational paths that meet their individual preferences.

There are training courses for young people without school-leaving qualifications with a vocational preparation character (vocational preparation year). If the young person has the vocational maturity, he/she can attend the vocational college. This leads to a specialized professional basic education after one year and after two years. A successful graduation to the qualified secondary school leaving certificate I (Mittlere Reife).

Vacation entitlement: What is the employee entitled to?The statutory provisions on minimum leave for employees are clearly regulated and are rarely the subject of disputes before the labor court. Things often only get tricky when additional leave agreed by the company and special situations are added to the equation.

Statutory vacation entitlement and additional vacation

With regard to the vacation entitlement of employees often half and ignorance of laws and contractual clauses are thrown together. Find out everything about the actual case law here.

In Germany, each employee is guaranteed by law at least 4 calendar weeks of vacation for each full year, which corresponds to 20 vacation days for a 5-day work week. In principle, a distinction must be made between this statutory vacation entitlement and additional vacation above the statutory minimum (= additional company vacation). Business owners and employees know that additional leave is the rule nowadays and, in addition to earnings, represents a strong attraction factor for potential employees: 30 vacation days with a 5-day week is currently the average, i.e. 10 days more than required by law. Additional vacation is either stipulated in the employment contract, company agreements or collective agreements. Important in this context is the respective wording for the vacation entitlement.

Urticaria consists of migrating, clearly demarcated, erythematous, pruritic plaques on the skin.

Urticaria may also be associated with angioedema Angioedema is swelling of the deep layers of the skin and subcutaneous tie. It is usually an acute mast cell-mediated reaction after exposure to&#252. Learn more accompanying resulting from mast cell and basophil activation in deeper layers of the dermis and subcutaneous ties, manifesting as edema of the face and lips, extremities, or genitals. Angioedema may occur in the intestine. Occur as colicky abdominal pain. Angioedema can be life-threatening when airway obstruction occurs because of laryngeal edema or swelling of the tongue.


Urticaria results from the release of histamines, bradykinin, kallikrein, and other vasoactive substances from mast cells and basophils in the superficial dermis, leading to intradermal edema caused by vasodilation of capillaries and veins (and occasionally caused by leukocytic infiltration).

Applications for training are all year round possible, but at the earliest one year before the start of training.

Please note that the training-integrated course can only be combined with the course starting in October. For the study you need the university entrance qualification.

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