Suspicion of Tourette'sDiagnosis of Tourette's syndrome is difficult and often takes years. During this time, many questions arise about the "disease of tics".

By Clara Walther

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How does the doctor come to the diagnosis?

From the first visit to the doctor to the final diagnosis of Tourette's syndrome it takes an average of seven years. For those affected, it is often bad. Because as long as the disease has no name, the doctor and patient cannot treat it either.

With this brain atlas, serious diseases can be better researchedThe human brain is a complicated matter. Which area controls what? Where do the boundaries lie?? Now, U.S. scientists have created the most detailed atlas of the human cerebral cortex to date. Why? So that physicians can better research autism, schizophrenia, dementia and epilepsy.

This brain atlas makes it easier to research serious diseases

Hinged model of a "walk-in brain": The Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt am Main plans to present the brain in the future (Sneckenberg 2020 concept) as a huge, room-sized installation. The new brain atlas is already ready.

The exact number of days of leave depends on your age. Is specified in your training contract – either in business days or working days. A regulation according to working days means for you: six vacation days per week, namely Monday to Saturday. When vacation entitlement is expressed in working days, it is the number of days you are regularly at the training company – usually five days per week.

Until 18. Year of life

Before you turn 18, the Youth Employment Protection Act applies to you. The law distinguishes according to your age, so are you at the beginning of the calendar year:

Pug education and characteristicsPugs are thanks to their cuddly appearance, their good-natured temperament and their friendly character very popular family dogs and not only with us for a long time already become the absolute fashion dog.

A pug is a bright, affectionate and cuddly four-legged friend and with the right education also an absolutely loyal and courageous companion for its owners.

In this article you will learn everything about the Pug education, the special Character of this dog breed and its Temperament.

Those who think that only old people are affected by dementia are mistaken. Also about 700 children in Germany suffer from dementia. Frank Stehr of the NCL Foundation wants to promote research and thus help not only children with the disease, but also adults.

Rare diseases when children develop dementia

The overview with background: interviews, reports, reviews – with original interlocutors.

Psychosomatic abdominal pain: what to do when stress hits the stomach? Our contents are pharmaceutical. Medically tested.

Abdominal pain is stressful for affected persons. You feel especially helpless when no physical causes are found for problems in the gut. The cause often lies in the psyche. How psychosomatic abdominal pain can be recognized and which therapies help, you can learn here.

In this article you will learn:

Fachoberschule Gesundheit und Soziales Schwerpunkt Gesundheit-PflegeThe Fachoberschule Gesundheit und Soziales Schwerpunkt Gesundheit-Pflege leads to a degree in social work Advanced technical college entrance qualification. It is a prerequisite for studying at a university of applied sciences.


Class 11

Secondary school leaving certificate I – Realschulabschluss or another equivalent level of education

Dealing with the (minor) child obligated. Entitled" (§ 1684 Abs. 1 Civil Code (BGB)). The Right of access – colloquially also called visitation rights – exists already with an infant and ends with the Age of majority of the child. The yardstick for the right of access is the best interests of the child. Here the right of contact is not only German constitution according to article 6 Abs. 2 sentence 1 Basic Law (GG), but also by the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms under Article 8 European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) protected.

The most important thing in short: Right of access in Germany

The right of access describes the essential fundamental right of the child to regular contact with his or her parents and, conversely, of the parents to their child as well. For the parents even a contact obligation exists. The right of access includes not only the right to visits or joint vacations, but also to further contacts (e.g. by e-mail, telephone, etc.).). In individual cases, the right of access can also be excluded (for example, in the case of severe alcohol addiction or violence).

The German Civil Code (BGB) only determines the general right to contact. How exactly the right of access is to be arranged in the individual case is not prescribed. If the parents of a child separate, they are required to find a joint access arrangement that is acceptable to all of them. This is above all to protect the welfare of the child. The will of the child should also be taken into account.

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The cervical spine syndrome, called cervical spine syndrome for short, describes a wide range of complaints in the area of the neck and throat, which can also spread to other regions of the body. The cause lies in the area of the seven cervical vertebrae (C1 to C7), whereby a relatively unspecific complaint pattern with multi-layered symptoms results. These range from neck and back pain to sensory disturbances and signs of paralysis.

The cause is often a damage or irritation of the corresponding nerve roots in the area of the cervical spine. Typically, physicians classify cervical syndrome according to its possible cause into functional, degenerative, and post-traumatic manifestations. Due to its numerous possible causes, cervical spine syndrome can occur in all population groups regardless of gender and age. While most cases can be traced back to harmless triggers, more serious medical conditions are responsible for less than 1 percent of all cases. Similar to the lumbar spine syndrome, the causes of the perceived pain are. Neurological complaints very versatile. Most often, however, the cause of cervical vertebra syndrome is due to a degenerative change in the spine. In such a case, doctors speak of a degenerative cervical syndrome. These signs of wear and tear occur especially in older patients as a result of age-related changes in the cervical spine. However, athletes whose cervical spine is subjected to particularly high stress can also develop cervical spine syndrome as a result of premature wear and tear.

Typical degenerative causes include, for example, the formation of bony protrusions on the vertebral bodies (osteophytes), which exert prere on the nerves and nerve roots located there. Other degenerative causes are changes in the vertebral joints (facet syndromes), changes in the cartilage structures (osteochondrosis) or spondylosis. Rarely, the symptoms can also be traced back to a herniated disc.