Tips on dog eyesWhat do watery eyes in dogs mean?? What to do in case of conjunctivitis?

Dog eyes react much faster to movements than the human eye. In turn, however, dogs can't see as sharply as we humans can.

Compared with the other sense organs, the eye plays a rather subordinate role in dogs.

What helps against mouse arm?

Have you ever heard of
Mouse arm Heard? Or from Secretary syndrome? Or. the Nintendonitis? All of these terms refer to a pain that can result from repetitive, often relatively mild, strain. What I did not know until now: After a certain point, the so harmless sounding syndrome is no longer completely curable. Early action is therefore particularly important! In the USA and Australia, RSI syndrome (the technical term for the condition), is now considered the number one occupational disease.

In today's blog post I have times Tips& Facts about mouse arm summarized. The topics covered are as follows:

How much and why do I need to drink?
The human body consists of more than half water. The exact proportion varies according to gender, age, body weight and muscle or. Fat mass. In adults, the proportion z.B. at 60%-70%. So water seems to be indispensable for us. But exactly how much water do I have to drink a day?? And what happens when I drink too little?

How much water does a person need?

"We need at least 3l of water a day!" "Drinking little makes you stupid." "If you don't drink enough, you get wrinkles faster." "Only if you drink enough, you can be maximally efficient."

What is the truth of statements like these? And how much water should you really drink now to live healthily? And you can drink too much?

Vomiting in dogsWhen a dog vomits, it can be caused by many. In addition to food, diseases can also trigger vomiting. Gentle diet helps to treat.

Vomiting in dogs

Most dog owners will have observed their dog vomiting at one time or another. Often it remains with a unique happening, but it can come also to always recurring and chronic vomiting with dogs.

Bladder diseasePain when urinating, a burning sensation or even the uncontrolled loss of urine – diseases of the bladder there are many. To get them quickly back under control, you should not only know the symptoms. Likewise, the right approach is needed to combat the disease at the first signs. In the following we would like to clarify, which bladder illnesses frequently occur.

When the bladder rebels diseases know symptoms and causes 1

Bladder inflammation – it does not always burn when urinating

Most women develop cystitis in the course of their lives. It is characterized by the typical burning pain during urination as well as abdominal pain. Mostly this disease is triggered, if intestinal bacteria enter the urethra. Here they can cause inflammation, which triggers the described symptoms. To quickly get the bladder disease under control, you need a few tips and tricks. Under awaits you a clear. Well-written article on the topic of awaits you with a clear and well-written article on the subject of "Bladder Inflammation. Here you will learn why it is advisable to drink a lot in case of cystitis and with which test possibilities, the inflammation can be reliably detected.

When people suffer from eye diseases, it is sometimes also the soul that needs to be healed. What doctors experience.

"That's a thorn in my side," "I see black," or "He was blind with rage": sayings like these indicate that there is a connection between the eye, vision, and the psyche. In fact, there are such correlations, but they are extremely complex. How psychological stress affects certain eye diseases is difficult to determine. It is certain that there are vision problems that cannot be adequately explained organically. The most spectacular example of this is "psychogenic blindness": as a result of repressed emotional conflicts, patients can only see blurredly or not at all, even though their eyes are healthy.

"We have several cases of this type here per year," says Prof. Horst Helbig, Vice President of the German Ophthalmological Society (DOG). "Most of the time, these are girls between the ages of ten and 14." They would be immediately referred to a child psychologist. "However, it is important that everything else has been ruled out beforehand and that the children are not treated as 'malingerers,'" Helbig emphasizes.

What is mallenders? – Horse

Mauke – Improve your knowledge about mauke. Find out here why it occurs and how you can prevent and treat it most easily.

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I have always found that
Meteorology is a totally exciting affair. Especially in the mountains, it can be very crucial to be able to use a few signs to make an approximate forecast of what the weather will be like in the future. Especially in the height of summer, when the muggy air gives rise to more frequent thunderstorms and heavy rain showers. Within half an hour the previously still blue sky can be covered with massive thunderclouds. A strong wind sweeps the last thoughts of the initially so beautiful sunny day down into the valley. Short time later the first lightnings twitch over the sky. Are accompanied by resounding thunder threatening.

In the mountains, a thunderstorm like this is a damn unpleasant and dangerous thing, as I was able to observe last year in Trentino. With a little knowledge of meteorology, you can spot thunderstorms or deteriorating weather fortunately Relatively reliable forecasting with simple tools.

weather science 8 tips how to predict bad weather bergreif

Vacation with sick child:Vacation is your time off in the year. However, recreation, fellowship and longing for a foreign place do come up a bit short when a sick or injured child is along for the ride. With a little precaution, however, parents escape the most common diseases among children on vacation.

Tips, tricks and treatment methods

Measles, mumps or rubella can affect children at any time. Some illnesses, however, often catch up with little ones while traveling. We would like to tell you about them here.

What if the child gets sick on vacation tips and tricks

What helps against depression? 20 tips with and without medicationDepression is one of the mental illnesses… But what helps against depression?

There are Different manifestations of depression – From mild to really severe.

Are you often depressed, feeling drained of energy and drive, and do you have little to no interest More in hobbies or social contacts? These are the first signs that you may be suffering from depression.