For moms-to-be: what not to do while pregnant?

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Do not eat raw milk cheese, do not lift heavy, do not drink alcohol: there are many things that are taboo for expectant mothers. But there are also some things that are allowed – despite wild rumors.

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The right protection against tropical diseasesThe summer semester vacations are approaching and with them the desire to discover the world. But if you are planning a trip or a clinical traineeship in a tropical country, you should be well informed – because there are many dangers lurking here for your own health. Optimal protection begins with the right preparation.

the right protection against tropical diseases via medici my place of study

Dangerous vector: mosquitoes

Malaria is a dreaded disease among locals and travelers, with around one million deaths per year. It is caused by parasites of the genus Plasmodium. Transmitted to humans by the bite of the mosquito Anopheles. The mosquitoes are active in the dusk, so that in this time special caution is necessary. As protection against mosquito bites serve for example Mosquito nets, long light-colored clothing, insecticides and repellents (mosquito repellent to be applied to the skin). For travel to high-risk areas, chemoprophylaxis in tablet form is recommended. There is currently no one hundred percent protection against the infection, but with early diagnosis malaria can be cured in most cases.

Avoiding insect bites not only protects against malaria. Some other diseases are also transmitted by mosquitoes. Yellow fever belongs to the hemorrhagic fevers and occurs predominantly on the African continent. In severe cases, the disease is fatal. There is no causal therapy, but there is a vaccination, proof of which is required for entry into some African countries.

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Weather while hiking. Dangers due to weather phenomena, z.B. Thunderstorm with lightning. But also a lot of practical things: mountain weather, weather reports, weather maps, avalanche warnings knowhow weather forecast avalanche reports

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> Alpine weather
> avalanches& Snow
> Thunderstorm
> Behavior during thunderstorms
> Protection against cold
> Sun protection in the mountains
> Course Meteorology Mountain Hiking
> Rainy season table
> Mountain-Valley-Wind
> Hurricane / Typhoon
> Manuals for weather& Avalanches
– > 10 tips& free short manual on weather > Download course meteorology SGV Wanderakademie

Weather Forecast

The weather forecasts are supposed to be a probability bordering on certainty by now. The only funny thing then is that the prognoses for one and the same place vary greatly among different providers. So it is best to start several queries, and get your own picture!

On the next vacation it goes to the south. Of course, the beloved four-legged friend should come with you. Unfortunately, there are many diseases in the southern countries, with which a dog can be infected and about which you should inform yourself in advance.

Before traveling with your dog, you should check the current vaccination protection and seek advice from your veterinarian regarding necessary and useful vaccinations. To protect your dog from ticks, mosquito bites, worms and other parasites, you can buy various products from your vet or in specialized shops. Well prepared, most travel diseases have no chance in the dog. You can enjoy the time together with your four-legged friend.

Many of the so-called "Mediterranean diseases" Are transmitted by mosquitoes or ticks. You can have your dog vaccinated against some of these "vacation souvenirs". Leishmania infantum is a unicellular organism. Is transmitted by the bite of the sandfly. These mosquitoes are particularly active at dusk and dawn. Due to the transmitted leishmania all organs can be affected and thus damaged. The pathogens cause severe inflammatory reactions. The dog owner usually recognizes changes in the skin at the beginning, especially in the area of the head and elbows. Occasionally, fever, loss of balance, anemia and hoarseness also occur. The incubation period can be several weeks up to one year. Usually the dog is without any symptoms for a very long time. If the disease is not treated, it ends in most cases fatally. A cure is hardly possible. Dogs suffering from leishmaniasis require medication for the rest of their lives.

Spitting bloodVomiting blood or. spitting up blood (Hematemesis) may indicate a serious illness. When spitting up blood, it depends on the amount, intervals and coloration of the blood. After tooth extractions, blood spitting is likely to be more benign in nature – especially if small amounts of blood are involved. If necessary one should let blood spit clarify however also here.

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What is blood spitting (hematemesis)??

Spitting blood or hematemesis is the vomiting of large amounts of bloody sputum or stomach contents. However, it may also be a case of spitting after oral injuries, such as biting the tongue.

restless legs specialists& Info about the syndromeWho does not know it, the tingling in the legs during long train rides or meetings in the office? As if the legs had turned into an anthill. This sensation allows a vague idea of how agonizing the Restless Legs Syndrome has an effect on those affected.

The following sections provide detailed information about the Disease RLS and its treatment options. You will also learn how you can actively combat the disease and thus improve your quality of life.

Recommended Restless Legs Specialists

Restless legs specialists find information on restless legs syndrome

Job& Career

Labor law Am I allowed to go on vacation despite being on sick leave??

No sooner are the vacations in sight than suddenly your throat starts to scratch: But are you allowed to go on a trip, although you have given a yellow note? And where?

Flying on vacation despite sick leave – is it that simple??

Sick leave: How to behave correctly!If you are unable to work due to an illness, it does not mean that you are bedridden. For this reason, there is a great deal of demand among employees for this profession
Uncertainty about which aspects to consider when taking sick leave. And they do so without facing any negative consequences from their employer as a result. We will explain to you how you can be on the safe side legally in such a situation.

Sick leave – what you are allowed to do, what you are not allowed to do?

More and more people go to work sick for fear of losing their jobs. However, this is a wrong approach, which can also have unfavorable consequences for the company, especially in the case of contagious diseases such as influenza. And this is the case, for example, when entire departments can no longer work productively.

But it is also of enormous importance for the sick person himself to take the sick leave he is entitled to: Only when you are healthy can you work in a motivated and goal-oriented manner. In addition, there are life situations, such as.B. a pregnancy, in which special protection is appropriate.