Digital nomad despite multiple sclerosisLiving with multiple sclerosis is exhausting, it is uncertain and often threatening. 29-year-old blogger Samira Mousa shows that you can live with it and even travel halay around the world. After getting over the initial shock, the disease even meant a positive turn in her life. How this came, she reports for several years in her blog "chronically fabulous". She writes about her life with the disease, she wants to encourage and yet not trivialize the disease.

For a year, Samira continued as if nothing had happened – a little out of fear, a little out of defiance. She had just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 22. She worked as a booker in a techno club, organizing festivals on the side. Little sleep, no exercise and lots of cigarettes defined her daily life. "Then my body showed me who was boss," Samira recounts of the beginning of her illness. It took her another year to come to terms with her illness, until she decided to write a blog about her condition. This is how she still deals with her life with multiple sclerosis today.

"My doctors didn't tell me anything," explains the 29-year-old blogger, "I had to see for myself what I could do to influence the course of my disease as positively as possible."The disease cannot be cured, but its course can be influenced. Research on multiple sclerosis, for example, shows: In addition to starting therapy as early as possible, the appropriate diet has a major impact on the severity of the disease.