Why does my horse have a cough?Respiratory problems represent the most common disease of internal organs in horses. To avoid chronic bronchitis, horse coughs should be treated quickly and professionally.

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Recognize and treat respiratory and bronchial problems

Respiratory problems scare many horse owners. No wonder, because they represent the most common disease of the internal organs in horses and, if they become chronic, can lead to damping off and thus a significant loss of performance of the animals.

What is the difference between filter coffee. Espresso from the machine?Why does espresso taste different from filter coffee swr know

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filter coffee: hot water drips through the coffee grounds

The difference has to do with the extraction process. When you make filter coffee, you brew the coffee, so put relatively hot water on it. Then the water drips through the coffee grounds. The flavors are extracted in the process.

Healthy food for guinea pigsGood meadow hay from dried grass with meadow flowers and various herbs should be constantly available to the guinea pig for free intake. A very good quality hay is loosely packed and rich in texture, lime green and not yellow, low in dust and smells very aromatic of hay. Nettles have a high nutritional value. Since they are only eaten dried, they can be added to hay. Do not feed hay that has become damp or smells musty during storage.

Why is good hay so important?

In addition to nutrients, hay provides important fiber, which the guinea pig absolutely needs for normal digestion. The intake of hay also takes much longer than the consumption of other foods. This will keep the guinea pig busy and not bored. In addition, the chewing of well-structured hay in particular provides the necessary continuous abrasion of the constantly growing teeth.

What else should be fed besides hay

In the warm season can additionally Fresh meadow cuttings from sweet grasses and herbs such as dandelion, plantain, goutweed, chamomile, field mint. White and red clover are also suitable, but should be fed in small quantities, otherwise there is a risk of gas formation in the intestine. In any case, the guinea pig must be accustomed to the increasing amount of fresh food over several weeks. Fresh feed that is not eaten must be disposed of after one day at the latest.

Where is the flu in summer??

Why pathogens spread differently in the annual cycle

Where does the flu go in summer?

Pneumonia and influenza mortality for 122 US cities, 4 years through week ending October 31, 2009. This time series shows the seasonality of seasonal influenza, and that during the 2007-2008 season influenza exceeded the US epidemic threshold.

A family doctor was reported to the chamber because of her recommendation for Arsenicum album C30 against the coronavirus. © Gerhard Seybert, dottedyeti – stock.adobe.com

Rising numbers of illnesses and deaths due to SARS-CoV-2 infections unsettle people, because there is neither medication against it nor vaccination protection against it. That's where looking at alternative healing methods comes in handy. Some offer is to be seen however critically.

According to a representative forsa survey, the percentage of people in Germany who use homeopathy remains high at 55. That means: About every second person has already had experiences with homeopathy resp. made with the use of homeopathic medicines. Extrapolated are about 30 million. adult homeopathy users.

Who pays the continued payment of wages during pregnancy?? Six weeks before. Eight or. twelve weeks after the birth of your child, according to § 3 para. 2 and § 6 para. 1 of the Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG) the general ban on employment. The pre-natal employment ban is a general ban, so you can continue to work at your express request. After the birth of your child, on the other hand, there is an absolute ban on employment. During this time, you may not be employed by your employer, even at your request. You are entitled to maternity pay from the health insurance fund during the maternity protection period.

If certain requirements are met, you are also entitled to a maternity allowance from your employer. In addition, general and individual employment bans can be imposed outside the protection periods. These apply from the day on which you announce your pregnancy to your employer. General employment bans apply, for example, in the case of heavy physical work, harmful exposure to substances or radiation that are harmful to health, standing for long periods at the workplace, occupations with a possible occupational disease as well as increased risk of accidents or piecework.

Individual employment bans, on the other hand, are imposed in view of the pregnant woman's personal state of health. This usually requires a doctor's certificate prohibiting the expectant mother from working. An individual employment ban is certified by a doctor if the life or health of the mother and her unborn child are endangered by the exercise of the activity. Normal pregnancy complaints such as morning sickness do not count as grounds for an individual ban on employment.

Our tips- When buying textiles, look for seals that guarantee environmental and social standards. – Buy cotton textiles in organic quality ("organic cotton"). – Buy clothing from secondhand or trade clothes. – Rent clothes for one-off occasions such as weddings, parties and celebratory events. – Wear your clothes as long as possible. – Have your clothes repaired by tailors or shoemakers if they are worn out or defective. – Pass on unused clothing or dispose of it properly. Question fashion trends. Be critical of fast fashion. If necessary, discuss this with your children.

Know how

Clothes make the man, and German consumers are the frontrunners when it comes to buying new clothes. In this country, an average of 26 kilograms of textiles are purchased each year, of which 12 to 15 kilograms are clothing. By way of comparison, the global average is 8 kilograms per year. The production of textiles has ecological and social implications. Pesticides used in the cultivation of cotton, chemicals used in further processing, and CO2 generated by the use of energy all have a negative impact on the environment. In addition, in some production countries work is done under unsocial working conditions (many overtime hours, low wages, no union organization). With our tips, you can help to counteract the abuses and reduce the burden on the environment – without sacrificing fashion-conscious clothing.

Look for seals: Those who look for recommended and independent seals when buying clothing help to ensure that higher wages are paid and the environment is less polluted. Unfortunately, the seal market for clothing is (still) very confusing. A first and relatively simple step is therefore to look for organic quality in cotton textiles. Organic cotton clothing comes in a fashionable variety. In (almost) all price categories. They are now available not only from specialist suppliers, but also from large textile retailers. Mostly they are marked and advertised with in-house labels. The laundry list should state "made from x% organically grown cotton". Furthermore, you should buy clothes that are labeled with a recommendable seal. The information portal Siegelklarheit evaluates the seals for their credibility, environmental friendliness as well as social compatibility. Particularly recommendable, with a relatively high market availability, are for example the GOTS seal (Global Organic Textile Standard) as well as "bluesign® PRODUCT" for outdoor clothing. Other seals explained in more detail in the portal Siegelklarheit and classified as very good are:

Widow's pension: 11 facts you should definitely knowLittle widow's pension, big widow's pension, death quarter, application& Height – we have compiled the most important facts about the widow's pension for you.

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The death of a partner is a heavy emotional blow. Even if nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, at least the widow's pension or widower's pension should be a help during the difficult time and secure the livelihood. We have the 11 most important facts about the widow's pension. Widower's pension compiled for you. Since the same rules apply to the widow's pension and the widower's pension, this article will only refer to the widow's pension for the sake of simplicity. This refers to both pensions due to death.

The first signs of spring have already tickled the noses of many allergy sufferers. In addition to the early bloomers, especially grass and cereal species release Pollen allergies from! The video shows what each individual can do to alleviate the symptoms of their pollen allergy:

Everything used to be better? At least for hay fever sufferers there is some truth to this popular saying. If nasal congestion and watery eyes are due to a Pollen allergy for you in the warm months now somehow to it, granted them at least the winter a breather. But in the meantime it tingles the good twelve million Pollen allergy sufferers in Germany under circumstances already after the snowball fight in the nose. All imagination?

Your own four walls as a retreat from pollen – no problem with a pollen screen

Regular water drinking is vital. Yet only 17 percent of the population does. Water, as a natural medicine and as an elixir of life, can contribute a great deal to our well-being and to our physical and mental fitness. Because water is health and life.

Water the thirst quencher without calories

The human body consists of two thirds liquid. Water is its basic element. Only with enough water can the circulatory system and all organs function optimally, and metabolic waste products and toxins can be removed from the body. An adult human releases fluid daily through urine and sweat. If fluids are not replenished immediately, circulatory failure and cardiac and bronchial dysfunction will result. Blood can only flow fluidly through the vessels and supply all organs with nutrients and oxygen if we drink enough water.

If you drink too little, you become depressed and cannot think properly. Therefore, each of us should consume about at least 1 to 2 liters of fluid daily for our health. The best solution is water, an ideal thirst quencher without calories.