Heart disease refers to changes in the heart muscle, heart valves and other structural changes that lead to a reduction in cardiac output. In the senior age every tenth dog is affected. Every twenty-fifth cat.

The heart is a pump consisting of four chambers. A right and a left collect blood before the tricuspid or mitral valve opens to allow blood to enter the heart chambers. Please have a look at our heart diagram below this paragraph. If you move the mouse pointer over the illustration, the labels of the sections appear. The right blue side of the heart contains venous, oxygen-depleted blood. From the main chamber, the blood goes to the lungs to be enriched with oxygen. The left area of the heart, shown in red, contains oxygen-rich blood from the lungs, which is expelled into the body through the left main chamber via the to supply nutrients and oxygen to the organs. The heart may beat independently with its own rhythm, or be controlled by the vagus nerve.

Schematic diagram of the heart:

Worm infestation in dogsThe infection with many types of worms occurs completely unnoticed in your dog when sniffing or eating worm eggs or worm larvae.

However, there are also types of worms that enter your dog's body through other parasites, such as mosquitoes or fleas. These include:


If your dog eats enough and is generally healthy, a few tapeworms will usually cause him rather little problems. But if there are too many worms, it can lead to deficiencies and digestive problems.

How yoga and meditation improve your health if you suffer from asthmaMany athletes are familiar with the problem of exercise-induced asthma: just when they want to step on the gas one more time and kick the ball into the goal or overtake it while cycling, coughing sets in and they lose their breath. Apart from the classical therapy with medication, there are some gentle methods that help asthmatics to cope optimally with periods of stress. This includes yoga for improved breathing. Meditation for better handling of trigger stress. Here you will find a short introduction to each.

Yoga as an adjunct to classical asthma therapy

In a 2016 meta-study, U.S. researchers evaluated 15 studies for how a yoga practice affects asthma – and found that yoga alone leads to only slight improvement. However, many people report that their well-being is enhanced by a regular yoga practice. Posture also becomes more upright and the muscles of the chest are exercised, leading to better breathing. Yoga has a gentle and rather indirect effect, which is well suited as a complement to classical asthma therapy.

A yoga breathing exercise to try

Basically, people with asthma should have their emergency inhaler nearby when doing yoga and move gently. Breathing exercises provide an easy way to get started and help make breathing more effective. Breathing with pursed lips is one of these techniques:

Although the atmosphere acts as a huge protective shield, the further we move away from the Earth's surface, the more energetic particles from space hit our bodies and can cause serious damage there. Especially for astronauts this becomes a problem.

On Earth as well as in space, we are exposed to cosmic radiation at all times. High-energy particles with energies of a few megaelectronvolts up to 10 20 electronvolts hit the earth. For comparison: The largest particle accelerator to date, the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN research center near Geneva, accelerates the particles to just a few 10 12 electron volts. This energy is roughly equivalent to the kinetic energy of a flying mosquito – albeit concentrated to the size of a proton – while the energy of one of the most energetic particles of cosmic radiation is already equivalent to the energy of a tennis ball dropped from a height of ten meters onto the ground. However, very few of such high-energy particles hit the earth: about one particle per square kilometer per century.

world of physics influence of cosmic rays on human beings

Philips humidifiersHumidify the air in your home hygienically around the clock.

We believe every breath is important

The innovative Philips humidifiers allow you to rid your home of dry air – for a healthy body and an optimal immune system.

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WOLF-Garten starts the gardening season with four new manual hedge trimmers. Image: Wolf Garden.

They serve as natural sight and wind protection, separating elements between garden areas or border planting for more privacy – hedges are an important part of garden design and require appropriate care. Whether topiary in spring and summer, maintenance pruning in autumn or necessary rejuvenation pruning in winter, almost every hedge should be cut back at least once a year. Regular pruning ensures that plants grow healthily and vigorously over the long term, and encourages the branches to grow wider with new shoots. How to grow hedges particularly dense.

For smaller hedges, it does not always have to be an electric or gasoline-powered model: Here, a manual hedge trimmer is perfectly sufficient to bring or keep the hedge in shape.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS was tantamount to a death sentence, as there was no effective therapy available. Today, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection is considered a chronic, effectively treatable condition, and HIV-positive individuals have an almost normal life expectancy if diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. So HIV therapy with highly active drugs is one of the great successes of modern medicine. We observe World AIDS Day on 1. December to look back on the history of HIV infection and the development of effective drugs against HIV, and to outline current challenges.

The AIDS as a disease (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome resp. acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) was described in 1981 as an emerging condition of unknown cause. Two years later, scientists succeeded in detecting the HI virus type 1 in a patient for the first time, and in 1986 the related HI virus type 2 was discovered.

The spreading HIV epidemic caused fear and terror in the early years and demanded Numerous deaths. At the same time, vibrant research efforts began to find drugs to fight the virus. In 1987, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted approval to the first antiretroviral drug, zidovudine (AZT). Studies have shown that the drug prolongs the life of patients but does not completely suppress viral replication.

Wobbler syndrome in dogsWobbler syndrome is a dog disease caused by damage to the nerves in the area of the spinal cord.

Wobbler syndrome in dogs animal friend

Mainly large dog breeds are affected by the Wobbler syndrome.

What is phytate? 2. Phytate-dependent intake recommendation for zinc

Zinc is an important trace element that is absorbed through the diet. But what does the body need the mineral for?? What happens if he gets too little or too much of it? And which foods are particularly good sources of zinc? EAT SMARTER clarifies!

What is zinc?

Zinc is a metal that is essential for human life as a trace element. It cannot be produced by the body itself. Only be stored in small quantities.

Why glucose gives energy and fructose hurtgar is one of the "
Main "enemies" of a healthy diet – people who are concerned about their diet usually agree on this.

But what exactly is sugar all about? Are all manifestations of sugar (household sugar, glucose, fructose, etc.) not considered?.) equals "bad"? And are we now allowed to stop eating healthy foods like fruit just because they contain fruit sugar (fructose? Questions about questions – which we clarify for you.

In this article, you'll learn: